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New Profile Posts

  1. Solenciennes
    Solenciennes Laura Vanderbooben
    Peace and blessings and greetings
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  2. PLUTO
    PLUTO Andy French
    WhERe is the video footage of that Sam Hunty performance where he's wearing that ''''tank top'''' that's doing the sacred fackin work of Jésu and exposing his areolae... you KNoW the one I'm talking about, the photograph in his thread that was also posted in Random Thots last night. I can't FiND It PrecIOus Help MEeeEeeEEEe. Google reverse doesn't work, nothing works... find it for me NOW.
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    2. Andy French
      Andy French
      Oh cyst, I've been looking for ages as well and can't find it either. Maybe @Beginner knows.
      Feb 28, 2017 at 6:27 PM
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    3. Beginner
      Cystren, cystren, cystren. *Lindsey Lohan voice* The video does not exist! At least, I don't think so. Pretty sure it was just a pic that a fan took.
      Feb 28, 2017 at 6:34 PM
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  3. LA Hallucinations
    LA Hallucinations send photo
    organise my life like you organise your rates and whisper dirty organisational things about organising into my ear organisation-san
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    2. send photo
      send photo
      first u need to drink enough benadryl to hear zen ass sitar music playing in your head
      then u struggle to keep up with said rate but it don't matter because waww waa wau wauwauwauwaaauwuau (that was me imitating a sitar. did you understand that? of course you did. Acting. ACTING.) [acting]
      Feb 28, 2017 at 1:30 AM
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  4. NecessaryVoodoo
  5. Andy French
    Andy French Jwentz
    i can't get the chorus of diamonds to work with the instrumental at all and it's driving me insane just thought you'd like 2 know
  6. MKSWatch
    Follow me on Twitter - @jcinldn
  7. MKSWatch
    Thinking about Kylie...
  8. strangekin
    i am stangekin and i have something to say
  9. PLUTO
    PLUTO Robsolete
    Just horloged Sama Mumba-sama on Masterchef. She was evicted from the masterchunty house for serving a 'mammy dinner' with too much raw garlic in her sweet potato purée. Sad!
    1. Robsolete
      NOOOOO. Fuck Irish John Turode and Greg Wallace for doing this to me. I was relying on Masterchef to get her second album out :(
      Feb 23, 2017 at 10:51 PM
  10. Alouder98
    Alouder98 Island
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  11. Alouder98
    Alouder98 ajmkv
    Hey , Do you have time for Plug now?
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  12. Alouder98
    1. Cotton Park
      Cotton Park
      Do I have to rate all the songs? Or just the ones I know the best? I would gladly give you my ratings. Some of these are my favorites.
      Feb 22, 2017
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  13. Solenciennes
    Solenciennes Andy French
    Hunni xx
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    2. Andy French
      Andy French
      Kween xo
      Feb 21, 2017
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    3. Solenciennes
      Hope you're having a magical day friend!
      Feb 21, 2017
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  14. NecessaryVoodoo
    NecessaryVoodoo Noir
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  15. Noir
    Noir Island
    ~free to love again~
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    2. Island
      FREE TO LOVE! ❤
      Feb 21, 2017
  16. Noir
    Noir NecessaryVoodoo
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  17. Solenciennes
    Solenciennes beyoncésweave
    Follow me home and I'll follow you back heaux
  18. VivaForever
    VivaForever Island
    Actually... actually... actually... ACTUALLY...
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  19. Florencia.
    Florencia. Noir
    Encontrar otro argentino (especialmente otro bonaerense -o porteño? - ) en este foro me puso muy contenta
  20. DJHazey
    DJHazey MollieSwift21
    Heya, if you haven't checked out Una Healy's new album, you may love it. It's very country, but also a bit pop (I loved a decent chunk of the album myself)