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New Profile Posts

  1. Oleander
    Your friendly neighborhood vampire detective.
  2. Vasilios
  3. send photo
    send photo ohnostalgia
    1. ohnostalgia
      Jul 18, 2017 at 11:47 PM
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  4. AlmostFamous
    AlmostFamous push the button
    Where for art thou? I miss you in the Madonna thread especially
  5. 2014
    It ain't no life to live like you're on the run
  6. KYLE
    KYLE man.tis.shrimp
    There was a moment where I thought "Is this clockworknovak cause he seems to get this shit but is new and clock is gone" but thought I was being dumb. Although we didn't know each other when clock was an account lmao.
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  7. KYLE
    KYLE man.tis.shrimp
    HAHAHAH I had no idea you were Clocky. That makes more sense as I couldn't understand how you fit into PJ so quickly as a new member.
    1. man.tis.shrimp
      quelle surprise. Sorry if I ruined the secret!
      Jul 18, 2017 at 6:01 AM
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  8. KYLE
    KYLE man.tis.shrimp
    I feel like we argue as much as we agree, but you're probably my favorite member. At least of this year. What's your twitter? Mine is @ethan_onyx
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    2. man.tis.shrimp
      @drewhnovak but I'm never on there. Insta is trexslumberparty or snapchat is clockworknovak (hah)
      Jul 18, 2017 at 5:37 AM
  9. send photo
    send photo Island
    @aaronhansome you won't let me on your profile but ur awesome ily
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  10. JMRGBY88
    My bitterness gathers like dust.
  11. KPOPmegafan818
  12. constantino
  13. Andy French
    Andy French
  14. ajmkv
    Du-mă acolo unde soarele apune-n zori.
  15. andyd1302
    andyd1302 Jedikiah
    Helloooooooooo Ed!
    1. Jedikiah
      Alive And Kicking on this site now!

      Speak to you soon!
      Jul 15, 2017 at 7:16 PM
  16. send photo
    send photo
    the real me is a southern girl with her levis on and an open heart
  17. Jwentz
    Jwentz R92
    Stop asking me who Bebe Rehxa is.
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  18. Jwentz
    Jwentz Andy French
    Okay but Lucille's song is giving me Hard Feelings/Loveless with her new smash Hairdresser/Tease A Louise.
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    2. Andy French
      Andy French
      Years ago when I first found that video, one of the comments mentioned that it sounded like an early No Doubt song and I haven't stopped thinking about it
      Jul 9, 2017
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    3. Jwentz
      Honestly take the stems from an early no doubt song, rearrange them blindfolded and it will probably be eerily similar.
      Jul 9, 2017
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    4. Andy French
      Andy French
      Jul 9, 2017
  19. Laura Vanderbooben
  20. ManilaChinchilla
    I don't wrestle dry, Bender. I went to Vassar.