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douglas breen
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Apr 24, 2018 at 3:11 AM
Jan 31, 2018
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September 18

douglas breen

Male, from heretown

okay and that's the last time I'll ever talk about that because fuck, the chinese culture is such a hypocritical drag. Apr 24, 2018 at 2:16 AM

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Viewing thread Janet Jackson - 12th Album, Apr 24, 2018 at 3:11 AM
    1. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      okay and that's the last time I'll ever talk about that because fuck, the chinese culture is such a hypocritical drag.
    2. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      Plus Chinese Pop is forever trying to make a big deal out of lyricism that really aren't anything great. Cough cough Jonathan Lee, old fart.
    3. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      A lot of people in the chinese word are like "oh look at those divas, their lyrics are so baisc, look how elegant our culture is" - blah.
    4. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      IMO like the Chinese diaspora overall, Chinese pop from anywhere don't have enough of that acceptance of fundamental human nature.
    5. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      That music has groove and the Japanese word "nori" and directly hooks into the fact that humans are animals too.
    6. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      when I talk about musicality I mean... like if you're into Janet, her excellent physicality informs her work, even the ballads (cont'd)
    7. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I have a Chinese Pop embargo in place, banned from my world for low musicality, lack of progress, plaigiarism and lying press releases.
    8. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      In other news, I am ignorant to Sugababes because I am really partial to several songs from Siobhan's Revolution in Me.
    9. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      Echosmith could have a long, lasting career if only they're not required to talk so much or give meaning to stuff so much.
    10. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      does Popjustice need an Echosmith thread or is that ugh please no thx bai? :P early HBD Sydney!
    11. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      if I had a million dollars, I want to help bring Rob McVey's solo album to the world.
    12. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      Few things turn me on more than crate digging; finding a vinyl relevant to me can make my day. But I have 0 interest in listening to them.
    13. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I was introduced to mixtape at age 5, and made my own until 2003/04. So it's not that we don't know analog, it's behind us at the moment.
    14. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      before me, my mom once spent over a month of dad's salary on vinyls and turntable. today she swears by youtube - so that's my heritage. :P
    15. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I first came across Mylene Farmer in 1991 and did not fall into her (lol) until 2011. Sometimes the clue's always there, in plain sight.
    16. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      & that's the way I use song quotes myself, all the time, endlessly. can't fathom (or five) how ppl complain they don't know the songs. (2/2)
    17. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I still recall one of Tracey's Myspace posts was titled "hope it's never ever finished" - imagine my delight when I got to that song (1/2)
    18. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      Troye (the trilogy) is the most recent thing I'm emotionally invested in. Otherwise I'm a mix of 70s 80s and 90s (no,not a Namie reference)
    19. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I listen to Thai stations who play the obligatory stuff (& I mute ed sheeran) so I have some idea of what's what, but I don't pursue them.
    20. douglas breen
      douglas breen
      I should warn you that I'm not very enthusiastic or knowledgeable about current top 40 music. (cont'd)
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    September 18
    What's the best thing about pop music?:
    I like all the different eras. Maybe I just like the fact that they've been organized into eras, but the eras are life-giving. I care deeply about them even when they're not imperial.
    What do you think would be the main pitfalls with eating a bun baked by Olly Murs?:
    he's good for nothing if not for sex...
    a few things that would help you learn about me, in ways telling you who I am NEVER could...

    have not been able to summon much interest in most music post-2000. my latest vested interest is Troye.

    have no memory (or repressed due to trauma? :P) before age 4 or 5. my earliest memory ends up being the Peter Cetera song, Glory of Love.

    often joke that my birth parents are David Foster and Diane Warren, because that's the music mix teenage me slept with.

    teenage me had two sides: the angry, reeling, CPTSD side served by sarah mclachlan, duncan sheik and EBTG; and a much softer, smoother side served by sade, michael franks and what people call westcoast AOR in general. The older I grow the more the latter emerges as the real me.

    have concluded that close listening is bad for my emotional health (I'm too empathic, angry music makes me violent) and so I use music in the background. I like stuff with good energy played from a distance -- smooth jazz is my genre, as is mellow jazz.

    have a very strong affinity with the 70s, and the 90s somewhat. Am not a big 80s person unless you play "on my own" and I'll melt into a puddle on the floor and beg to be subsumed into Michael McDonald.

    One day when I broke down and got on my knees to pray, the god I saw was Dan Seals, and I don't even listen to him all that much.

    am eternally grateful to Mayer Hawthorne for making a whole album of yacht rock in the 2010s (where does this door go), complete with mullet.

    favorite year for music? 1978, 1996, 2007...

    has a very gossipy side that loves tacky remixes. this side is also served very well by anything stevie nicks did, sang or said. go ahead said you're a gyp-say, maybe once, maybe twice.

    music and the musicians' lives always pack double meaning and lessons to me. my personal archetype is John Martyn - we share astrological birth charts that look surprisingly alike. not to compare my talent to his, but every time I read about his life, similarities hit me like a tsunami. "you cannot hide, not even from yourself"

    favorite albums
    John Martyn - Piece by Piece
    Binocular (Kevin Rudolf)
    Lesley Duncan - Moon Bathing
    Robert Byrne - Blame it on the Night
    Eric Tagg - Dreamwalkin'
    Judie Tzuke - Secret Agent
    Judie Tzuke - Queen Secret Keeper
    EBTG - Amplified Heart
    EBTG - Walking Wounded (my favorite and 'street cred')

    favorite artists I can't be album-specific with
    Paula Cole
    Michael Franks
    Texas (Sharleen Spiteri)
    Fra Lippo Lippi (Per Oystein Sorensen)
    Peter Cox

    guilty pleasure: the first Jennifer Paige album, and a discussion thread at called "Joni Mitchell's vagina here!"


    instagram: slow369