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101 Eurohits that missed here.....80s Edition

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. It was only a reasonable sized UK hit but it's one of those songs everyone knows.
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    EUROPEAK: 6 (MAY 84)

    With a name meaning “Yellow Bell” in Chinese this was another song that did better overseas than in the UK despite the group being British, this track came with two videos, one directed the late Derek Jarman. It went top 10 in 6 European countries in early 84 but stopped short here, a greater disparity occurred when their single “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” went to No 2 in the US but bombed here at No 76.

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    EUROPEAK: 3 (JUNE 84)

    Eurovision time again- this time it was the Swedes who walked away with the prize with this entry. Imagine them as a Swedish Osmonds (Mormon brothers) and you won’t be far off and needless to say it was in Sweden where the song peaked highest only narrowly missing out on the top spot.

  4. Oh dear, the first Eurovision I ever watched and I actually cheered for these cheeseballs. In my defense, I was 10 or something, but this is one of the most cringeworthy ESC winners ever.
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  5. Herrey's kicked off my long-lasting apostrophe pedanticism. 33 years and counting.

  6. Well I never...Wang Chung's "Dance Hall Days" was a bigger hit in Europe as well as the USA than it was in the UK.....us Brits just didn't get our native Wand Chung...Everybody didn't have fun tonight here in the UK!
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  7. Catching up... Obviously, the star amongst some of those horrors is the sublime I Like Chopin which is nowhere near the best think he recorded.

    The lead singer in Wang Chung/Haung Chung used to unnerve me with his giant forehead. I feel this has something to do with why I can't stand them. Well that and the weak songs.
  8. Is it just me or are things getting boppier as we go on? I wholeheartedly approve.

    I actually loooooooove this! It's just so happy and they're like a Ken doll boyband or something.
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  9. That Herrey's is like the gayest thing ever. Big fun were obviously watching.
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    EUROPEAK: 4 (JULY 84)

    Italy was surely turnimg out the international popstars in the early 80s, here’s Raf with his self penned hit “Self Control” which would of course go on to be a bigger hit in the UK for Laura Branigan later the same year. He Co-wrote it with Giancarlo Bigazzi who also co-wrote “Gloria” which Branigan also covered. Indeed only in Italy did Raf’s version outperform Branigan, and the two versions replaced each other at No 1 in Switzerland as the Swiss couldn’t seem to make their minds up!

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    EUROPEAK: 4 (AUG 84)

    Hoping, doubtless, to re-create the great success of “Moonlight Shadow” this was Oldfield’s first single from a new album “Discovery” and whist it didn’t set the UK charts alight it far from disgraced itself grabbing a top 10 position in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and even the top spot in (appropriately) France.

  12. Did Maggie Reilly glam herself up and change her name to Carol Decker a few years later?
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  13. Fun fact: Raff (who wrote 'Self Control') and Umberto Tozzi (who wrote 'Gloria') teamed up for Eurovision in 1987 and came third. I wonder if their song will make an apperance on this countdown. From what I recall, it was a very popular radio hit in continental Europe.
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  14. Forget Self Control! The real magic happens on the b-side: Running Away is a sublime piece of superb (italo) pop! It has hooks galore and pristine production. I wish PSB would cover it (well, they basically did with 80% of their own songs).

    Just checked discogs to see that Raf is still releasing albums.

    The thing that killed Italo-Disco for me was the constant covering of songs by other (even cheesier) artitsts that led to a total overkill of one song being played in all its versions over and over on the radio.
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  15. It´s actually two Austrians (the guys) and two Germans (the Humpe Sisters, one was producing the thing). Tauchen-Prokopetz were two Austrian music comedians who had one smaller hit before this one with Taxi.

    Actually EVERYTHING about that CODO song is horrible except for the chorus, which is AMAZING! Even if you want to rip your hair out every time the guy is talking about himself being hate personified, stay for the amazing harmonies of the Humpe sisters, turning completely inane words into sonic gold.Their magical harmonising is really in one line with Abba, The Carpenters and The B-52`s! There is something between their voices that just get´s you!

    Was this actually a precursor to "rap songs" with a woman doing the chorus?
    Oh, and what was it in 1983 with songs about space that have a crappy verse and a beautiful chorus (Major Tom, Codo)?

    I also just realised how ridiculous the German language must look in print. It´s one tongue-twister after another. The title could be translated as something like "I´m dashing with flying steps (to bring you love from my sky ride)"... in case anybody was wondering.
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    EUROPEAK: 4 (SEP 84)

    And talking of French chart toppers how’s this one? A relatively big hit in the UK, Art Company are a Dutch outfit who are better known as VOF de Kunst but used the Art Company moniker for their only UK hit. It went to No 1 in their home land obviously.


    EUROPEAK: 2 (DEC 84)

    Another song I had no idea existed! Zadora was an actress who played one of the main character’s in the film “Voyage Of The Rock Aliens” in which this track is performed (you can see clips of the film in the promo) along with Jackson which gives you all the background you need. It’s all suitably 80s sounding and I can’t say I’m surprised it bombed here but for some reason the entire Eurozone went mad for it as it went top 3 in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

  18. When The Rain Begins To Fall is only the pinnacle of Euro-Cheese from the fiendish genius mind of Jack White (aka Horst Nußbaum).
    He was producing some of the best selling, most horrible Schlager-trash in the 1970´s and 80´s. He had a knack for recruiting c-grade actors who played small roles in successful tv-shows and wrote cheap hits for them. This was rather harmless with Audrey Landers from Dallas, but it turned out to be just tragic with David Hasselhoff, whose singing carreer and mega-success was also to White´s credit.
    He was also responsible for Laura Brannigan´s Self Control.

    Pia Zadora was most famous for the fact that her super-rich, super-old husband financed her entire carreer and they made absolutely no secret about it.
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  19. One of those songs where you automatically expect a ballad based on the title, but it's a total bop. Massive chorus, too!
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  20. 'When the Rain Begins to Fall' was a great bop and sounded like it was straight out of Flashdance.
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