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13 Reasons Why

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alouder98, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I finally finished this. Overall it was enjoyable , but it could've been better specially the ending which was a bit disappointing and unclear. I think the best thing about the series was the cast, they were all pretty amazing specially when most of them are so young and not very well-known.

  2. I feel like this show tried too hard to be a moral compass when it ended up being a bad early-One-Tree-Hill-meets-Pretty-Little-Liars for the most part.

    The whole thing could've been much shorter and the whole series much less of a drag if they didn't feel the need to show Clay's blank stare for 10 minutes each episode.
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  3. Me discovering what happened to Alex:
    Why him?! He was the only guy i liked!
    Anyone think he's hot? He's absolutely not my type, I hate his hair but for some reason I find him charming and attractive.
    Oh and I was expecting him to be bisexual and dating Tony in season 2.
    The delusion was real.
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  4. Tony was walking wallpaper even moreso than Clay.
  5. Really?
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  6. Alex, Justin, Tony, I will have all of the men.
  7. Alex is totally the damaged art school kid type.
    Also dead at this mess. I'd ship it.
  8. Brandon looks snatched for the gawds in those pics. The whole cast are so fucking cute and pretty. Hannah is gorg.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I don't know about the dating Tony part but I totally thought his character was gay at first? It was weird. When they were friends, e was talking to the girls about hating a class, and one said that a positive thing would be cute boys in the class. I thought that confirmed it. Then he's suddenly dating one and I was shook.
  11. He said no to the cute boys in the class but I was still shook when we found out he was dating Jessica.
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  12. Exactly, i thought he was gay the second i saw him. I remember that scene you mention. In fact, Jessica told him there must be a sexy bad boy in his math class with problem with long division. I was like omg so he's gay. To which he replied: " And a couple pregnant girls." (like he didn't care). So i thought whether he was gay or he was hiding it. Since Tony was gay too and i couldn't stand Ryan i thought they'd end up together somehow.
    By the way how come there was no gay kiss? I mean come on it's Netflix (Orange Is the New Black is a good example) even ABC Family showed some gay kiss on Pretty Little Liars.
    At the end, even if i was frustrated that Alex wasn't gay, i thought it was refreshing for once to see on TV that the skinny guy with fake blond hair wasn't gay but the mechanic guy was.
    Oh and is it me or in several scenes i almost thought Tony was gonna kiss Clay suddenly?
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  13. Maybe that was their point? To mislead then subvert stereotypes.
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  14. I just finished and I can't believe we're 7 pages in and there hasn't been a single mention of Jeff? I was so heart-broken when we found out he died.
  15. He was hot.
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  16. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Clay and Jeff were pretty funny together.

    The show was a mixed bag when it came to subverting stereotypes; I thought they did it well with Alex and Sherri, but Bryce and the stalker/photog were almost caricatures by the end. Jessica and Justin were somewhere in between.
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  17. I'm completely in love with the actress who played Jessica's performance. Complete scene-stealer for me.
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  18. Jessica became the heart of the series for me. Clay & Hannah were always on the verge of being insufferable, while Jessica always left me wanting to know more. By the end, I realized she was the most compelling character in this entire experience, and the one who really tugged at my heartstrings.
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  19. Tony in the last episode (as they strangely drive off into the happy sunset):

    "Should we put on a tape?"

    No, you silly cunt.

    What a bizzare ending.

    like Alex randomly killing himself off screen with no explanation?! Justin just leaving. No closure. Strange ending to be honest.

    Hannah's scene was horrific and I know a lot of agencies have come out and spoken against showing it but I actually think seeing something so horrific, especially with the shot of her distraught parents was quite powerful. Hopefully this show has a positive effect on mental health discussion and support. At the very least, it highlights these issues instead of doing what so often happens - sweeping them under the rug.
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  20. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Tony meant putting on an old rock tape, right? Because he has a lot of them. Not one of Hannah's, right?!
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