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13 Reasons Why

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alouder98, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I sure hope so. That's the way I took it.
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  2. Oh completely.

    Either way, it was a dumb line.
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  3. Okay so I just started watching this and have a few questions which I assume will be answered (if I ever finish this show)

    Okay so did the person who Hannah gave the tapes to know she was going to commit suicide yet did nothing to try and prevent it?

    Also a bit creepy that there's someone stalking Clay to make sure he listens to the tapes.
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  4. The person didn't know.
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  5. I just finished this in 4 days which is obviously a good sign. I mean, it's nothing groundbreaking and the episodes should be a bit shorter. Also, too many Clay close ups staring into the void. But man, those last 2/3 episodes were really good,
    especially the suicide scene.
    And give me a Tony every night of the week.

    Most importantly, I read an article on Huffington Post saying there's been a big increase of kids seeking help in those anti-suicide phone lines in Brazil since the show premiered. That's all that matters really.
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  6. I've just started the last episode and... I'm not ready.
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  7. Brace yourself!
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  9. Christ... I think that bathtub scene may have been too graphic. The idea of teens watching that is really upsetting.
  10. It was too late by the time he found out.
  11. That bathtub scene was perfect.
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  12. I didn't watch that scene and never watch those sort of things...
  13. I'm glad that people have reached out about their feelings because of this show, but I can't help but feel that it glorifies suicide too much. The book was bad enough in that it was an extremely realistic portrayal of depression (like that one person who wears black all day and watches black and white movies and claims to be ~oh so sad~) and the show is just the same. Mental illness is not about seeking revenge, it's about, well, feeling shit. But it's good that the show gets people talking at least.
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  14. It's just such an emotionally affecting show. The slow-burn in the first few episodes is so necessary because of the investment you build in the characters... and in emphasising the cumulative nature of the abuse and exploitation that the various characters face.
  15. The only narrative problems I had were:
    • Sheri entering and leaving the main storyline at the drop of a hat. For someone with a whole tape dedicated to her, she doesn't receive the same exposure as the other characters.
    • The friendship between Hannah and Tony not being fully explored. She trusts him with her entire future when she leaves him the tapes, yet we rarely seem them interact. It would have been nice to develop an underlying bond between them.
    But those are minor quibbles... the show is already incredibly complex with the amount of characters and relationships it juggles.
  16. I think there were a few issues like making it look too much like revenge and not much mention of mental illness but in my opinion it doesn't matter in long run, because people will start talking and that is what we need. So many are watching it already and exposure to mental health and bullying is the most important thing.
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  17. I love early-seasons Bonnie Bennett.
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  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    The revenge element is something that's become a meme (I've seen more than a few "Welcome to your tape" jokes on twitter) that really isn't present in the show. The only people who're set up to suffer real world consequences are Bryce and the photographer, one a two-time rapist and other a stalker, so that feels appropriate.
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  19. I'm only on Episode 4 so I'm not reading the thread for fear of spoilers but I'm kind of addicted to this simply because of how much I enjoy Clay's character? I'm not too keen on Hannah herself and I'm increasingly uncomfortable with its romanticism of her suicide, and it feels like I'm actually not that invested in her death so parts that are supposed to hit hard kind of fall flat, but I'm kind of in love with Clay's sombre approach to losing her enough to keep me watching.
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  20. I don't feel it romanticized suicide at all. I thought it often showed Hannah as selfish and narcissistic, and even made it seem like she was regretting the decision as it was too late. It also showed the toll her suicide took on her parents, and revealed that people were just as terrible to her when she was dead as they were when she was alive. Most of the characters didn't end up regretting what they'd done to Hannah; only what they'd done to themselves or each other. And as Someboy mentioned, the only acts of revenge that actually work out are those against people who committed actual crimes.
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