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13 Reasons Why

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alouder98, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. As I said I'm not that far through, but it's definitely getting better and much, much stronger as it goes along. I think it's part of the narrative and their decision to slowly bring her suicide alongside Clay so that we are with him. His character really is the strength here, it's wonderful.
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  2. Hannah's and Tony's friendship could have been explored more but it's not as important as his friendship with Clay. A few of the episodes were a chore to get through but the pay off was nice. The last episode was really well done.
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    Mvnl Moderator

    Even though this felt a bit long cause I binged it and didn't want to pick up life before I'd seen it all I felt pretty much every scene and episode was justified.
    I must say I feel torn on the Pretty Little Liars twist it took with the amount of shit going down on the night of the party, and then one more rape after it.. it got to the amount of shit noone would be able to cope with.
    In a way I feel it would have been even stronger if it had just stuck to bullying and things that happen to the average highschool kid. But in a way I was relieved things got a bit more extreme because it made the ending hit a tiny bit less hard.
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    The Zach episode was the one where I thought Hannah was overreacting a tiny bit.

    As for Clay.. I started to wonder that as well, although I think his 'dream sequences' might just be a way to show what he's thinking versus what's happening. The way it was shown it definitely looked like he was losing it though, and I was wondering if it would end up with him being called crazy and noone believing him
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    I'm actually ashamed for how attracted I was to him throughout the whole thing.
    But then I fall for assholes in real life as well so I should have seen everything coming.
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    I adore both him and Hannah and was rooting for an actual happy ending so many times.
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    Also between the haircutting and the bathtub scene I was reminded of this

    Say what you will about Pink, that's one powerful song and video.
  8. I've just finished this and I absolutely loved it, through and through. Equal parts harrowing, hopeful, mournful, just complex and rich in characters that keep on expanding (except Tony... never really enjoyed that one).

    Definitely a show I'll remember. The actor who plays Clay is beautiful and I'm in love with him and the character.
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  9. I binge-watched this earlier on in the week. The cast was fantastic and deserve to pick up Emmy/Golden Globe nominations in the upcoming awards season. I hope there's a second series to tie up all the loose ends.


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  10. Hannah's unlikable.

    Sitting on her high horse telling Sheri to call the cops over a stop sign but failing to report Jessica's rape.
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  11. In my case, the "revenge element" stems from the fact that Hannah doesn't leave anything for her parents, which are portrayed as very supporting and authoritative parents. Her relationship with them is, in fact, the most cohesive and sane parent-child relationship in the whole show, so it's hard to understand. Like from my viewer point of view, what I understand is that she thought this through, a lot, thought about whom she would give these tapes to, who she wanted "to punish", but never actually thought about leaving something for her parents. From someone who was handling out "last goodbyes" (i.e the tapes), she never thought of leaving something behind for her parents, so they could understand why she did it. I guess she doesn't owe them or anyone anything, and I do aknowledge that she was hurting a lot, but she chose to speak to people that have hurt her (whether it was just to tell them what's on her heart or to teach them a lesson, it's irrelevant) instead of leaving something for the ones that were always there. It's something that has affected me a lot throughout the show because Hannah's mom may as well has given the best performance out of all of them. You could tell how much she was hurting and how she didn't understand any of it. You can tell how much she suffers, how much she doesn't understand how and why, and how much that chain of thoughts is torturing her - constantly.

    On a much lesser scale, Hannah not telling Clay that he was "innocent" up-front was just... mean. In this case I know it was for the show and storytelling purposes, but for someone who was hurting because other people didn't take into consideration her feelings, she somehow managed to do the same with Clay.

    I don't want to be agressive towards her, though. Because I do feel bad for her and what she went through, and I don't want to belittle her experience at all. But I do think the show wanted to portray her as a very "grey-ish" character with a lot of flaws. If anything, it does make her more realistic and relatable, if a bit unlikeable at times as well. But at the end of the day, she is only a teenager.
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    Though it's hard to see it because A. most of us aren't as depressed B. we saw the whole aftermath Hannah wasn't there for, I suspect Hannah was really at a point where she thought people would be better off without her and considered herself so worthless she probably didn't even realize how much it would still hurt people to see her gone.
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  13. That's very fair.
  14. It was well established that Hannah didn't see the love that was there for her, so I thought it natural her final thoughts would be about those that caused her to do it - not those that would support her.

    I loved this so much I bought the book...
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  15. Mvnl

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    Yeah, the only possible flaw I see there is that she seems to know so well what/who caused her to feel this way, and from her depressed point of view I'd think in reality the storytelling would be blaming herself a lot more for everything that happened
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  16. The show was....fine. I found it annoying/frustrating but at the same time weirdly addicting. Im glad they had balls to show the suicide like they did. To show how nasty, painful both physically on Hannah and emotionally for the parents is the correct way to go inside of making it "Hollywoodfied". It reminded me of the suicide in the iconic movie Rules of Attraction:

    trigger warning:

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  17. AXW


    Rules of Attraction is my favourite movie of all time and I saw a lot of parallels between it and 13 Reasons. The narrating, sexual abuse, feelings of emptiness and nihilism. And of course the harrowing suicide scenes.

    The show was gripping from start to finish. Its flawed and I question some of the choices, but I was so engaged I didn't really care in the end. It got me a bit worked up in parts too.
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  18. I've just finished episode 5 and if it wasn't for the final scene discovering that Clay's Mom was going up against the Baker family in the lawsuit then I would probably have given up with it. I mean, it's not like it's a bad show or anything. It's got an interesting premise and there's alot of questions I'm looking forward to finding out the answers to, but the problem is the episodes are just so long and I find myself checking my phone or looking at the time every few minutes because I'm bored of seeing Clay staring in the distance or seeing the same stuff repeated over and over (I swear I've watched Justin's crew have the same conversation about 'shutting Clay down' about five times), plus the constant jumping back and forth in time has left me confused a few times as well.

    I'm also not even sure I understand the story that well. What's actually the deal with the tapes? I should probably check out Episode 1 again. Is it basically that Hannah left everyone responsible a set of tapes to hear? Or did she leave 1 set of tapes that everyone has to pass amongst themselves when they're done? I'm a bit lost as to how everyone else knows about the tapes and what's on them before Clay has. That's the only thing I keep struggling to understand. I watched the first episode a week ago and gave up because I thought it was shit, and only just started watching the other episodes yesterday so maybe I need to re-visit that and get everything explained again. Sigh.

    Some parts are so good and have me fascinated but they really need to speed this shit up and cut out all the silences, musical montages, shots of Clay riding a bike, slow motion shots of Hannah walking around school etc and just get on with the damn story.
  19. It slows down in the middle, but packs up again around episode 7 I think, so keep going @Shadow_2017.

    As for the tapes, one had to listen to it, and then pass on the tapes to the next person on the list (the list being the order the tapes were recorded, I believe). If they didn't, Hannah did threaten them that someone would release "the copies", revealing the truth to everyone, so I guess they all felt compelled to do it.
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  20. The book is........ questionable. The show is phenomenal for pulling everything out of it.
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