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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. 2014

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    Oh, were you expecting extra? Well Love's Got A Hold On My Heart and I'll ensure to give you the BEST so the other chart threads are Better Best Forgotten, and the Last Thing On My Mind is to let y'all down. It'll surely be a Tragedy if you don't partake this month, what with the array of new releases we've had (and are due to have). So don't be Scared Of The Dark!

    This is the Summer Of Love with Lana's new opus due shortly, while Ke$ha is hitting us all in the It's The Way You Make Me Feels - but only Here And Now can you make sure your faves Stomp the rest of the competition. Not One For Sorrow, I will not accept any excuses and I'll go a Deeper Shade Of Blue (....) if you even TRY IT.

    Before starting a Chain Reaction, here's the rules;


    1. Send a chart ranked #1 to #10 for songs and #1 to #10 for albums in a PM to @2014 . To keep with @send photo's previously introduced twist, due to all the constant great releases this month and my thirst for power I have adjusted the rules to include up to 10 albums. Scoring will work as #1 gets 5 points, #2 gets 4.5, etc. so it doesn't skew results in relation to past charts. If you want to vote for only songs that's fine. If you only want to vote for 5 albums that's fine but they will be scored normally without the half point increments.

    2. The albums can be full length, EP, compilations and even unreleased albums

    3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, demos, or anything you want.

    4. The songs and albums can be released whenever, but releases within the past 6 months or so have the best chance to make a chart.

    5. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.

    6. There needs to be some sort of Steps inclusion

    7. Your #1 ranked song gets 10 points and your #1 ranked album gets 5.

    8. The total points earned builds the chart.

    9. Ties are broken by number of voters, then by quality of votes received, and are left as a tie if we still can't break parity.

    10. You can have whatever commentary you'd like with your votes.

    11. The top five songs make next year's rate.

    (I may or may not be joking about #6, but it's Better The Devil You Know...)

    So, Say You'll Be Mine and enter your charts (deadline Sunday 30th July) and You'll Be Sorry if you don't!


    @HeartSwells (August)
    @constantino (September)
    @Animalia (October)
    @Petty Mayonnaise (November)
    @Posh Spears (December)

    5,6,7,8 - GO!

  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Reserved for when After The Love Has Gone

  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Baby Don't Dance - this is reserved

  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Words Are Not Enough for how RESERVED this is



    Anna Of The North - Someone
    Bonzai - I Feel Alright
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Empress Of - Go To Hell
    Femme - Fire With Fire
    Foster The People - Loyal Like Sid & Nancy (and others)
    Garbage - No Horses
    Grace Mitchell - Come Back For You
    Hanne Kolstø - IS
    HONNE - Just Dance

    Kacy Hill - Arm's Length (and others)
    Ke$ha - Praying
    Ke$ha - Woman
    Lana Del Rey - Groupie Love
    Lana Del Rey - Summer Bummer
    LANY - Super Far
    Linkin Park - One More Light
    Lissie - Boyfriend
    Little Dragon - Strobe Light
    Loreen - Body

    Nabiha - Grand Piano
    Red Velvet - Red Flavor
    Saint Etienne - Heather
    Shania Twain - Poor Me
    Smile.dk - Karaoke Star (and others)
    The Sounds Of Arrows feat Niki & The Dove - In The Shade Of Your Love
    Stockholm Noir feat. Ofelia - Boy Like A Girl
    St. Vincent - New York
    Steps - Story Of A Heart
    Utada Hikaru - Oozora De Dakishimete

    Vince Staples - Rain Come Down
    Zola Jesus - Soak


    Arcade Fire - Everything Now
    Astrid S - Party's Over EP
    Beach House - B-Sides and Rarities
    Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder
    Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

    CAZZETTE - Time
    Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa
    Foster the People - Sacred Hearts Club
    HAIM - Something to Tell You
    Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet

    The Japanese House - Saw You In A Dream EP
    Jay-Z - 4:44
    Kacy Hill - Like A Woman
    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

    Lorde - Melodrama
    Mura Masa - Mura Masa
    Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence EP
    Oh Wonder - Ultralife
    Passion Pit - Tremendous Sea of Love

    Sarah Jaffe - Bad Baby
    Sheer Mag - Need to Feel Your Love
    Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor
    This is the Kit - Moonshine Freeze
    TLC - TLC

    Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo
    Vera Blue - Perennial
    Washed Out - Mister Mellow
    Waxahatchee - Out In the Storm
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  5. I might have more later, but I need to get this out now:

    What a fucking snatch! I am literally obsessed since it's release! Things I love about the songs:
    - That sassy opening verse
    - The Ryan Tedder-esque but brilliant buildup
    - THAT pre-chorus leading up to that exploding chorus

    The whole album is brilliant and I am hoping she can pull a SZA and be top 3!
  6. [​IMG]

    Vote for Red Flavor.


    Song of the summer


    Shut up.

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  7. @Robsolete I'd like to report a crime against Steps.
  8. Oh, and @hipsterhunties, a brief message:


    Vote for New York or be excommunicated 4 lyfe.

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  9. I have a feeling I'll be reporting a similar crime when @2014 has used them for promo and then his name is suspiciously absent from their votes!
  10. A&E


    I don't get any of the references in the opening post... *Lil Mama voice* and I'm happy.

    I'll surely post more FYCs later on, but off the top of my head this is one of my most listened tracks recently:

    it was on soundcloud like last week but not anymore smh
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  11. Let me bounce up on this reminder for you hipstejusticehunties:


    Please give them a chance y'all the album will probably be full of bops. Do it for your Iconic May host!
    Available on all streaming platforms and to purchase on digital stores on July 21st!​
  12. A C T U A L
    Q U E E N S
    O F

    P O P
  13. Yes Praying for #1!!!

    But don't forget about this too!
  14. I know there's enough Utada fans here to get her charting:

  16. Oh and I'd be a shit rate host if I didn't pimp this too I guess:

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  17. FYC (songs):

    FYC (albums):


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