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2018 Release Radar [9 Feb: MGMT, Ravyn Lenae, Joan as Police Woman + more]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by A&E, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Thanks! I didn't know her, but she is great.
  2. A&E


    It's been a while but I'm back to this thread, having just updated the lists with what I've got so far. Have I missed anything? Let me know. Now, let me try to quickly catch up with the weekly recommendations!

    19th January 2018

    First Aid Kit – Ruins
    The Swedish sisters are back, but you already know that – the album made it to #3 in the January PJ charts!

    Mai Lan – Autopilote
    This album deserves much more attention. This explosive girl produces songs ranging from bonkers to beautiful.

    Porches – The House

    St. Beauty – Running to the Sun EP
    The duo's name says it all. A must not only for neo soul/R&B lovers.

    Tune-Yards – I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life
    An album about confronting your while guilt shouldn't sound this fun.

    Wafia – VIII EP
    A long awaited EP from this Australian singer.

    Also out that week:
    Belle and Sebastian – How to Solve Human Problems, Part 2/3 EP
    Bownik – Delfina
    Caitlyn Smith – Starfire
    Fall Out Boy – Mania
    Glen Hansard – Between Two Shores
    The Go! Team – Semicircle
    Justine Skye – Ultraviolet

    Milck – This Is Not the End EP
    Missy Lancaster – Piece of Me
    Xylouris White – Mother
  3. A&E


    26th January 2018

    Club 8 – Golden Island
    The Swedish duo's 10th album has a more cold and ambient feel compared to their other offerings, but it's still a thing of eerie beauty.

    Hollie Cook – Vessel of Love
    Atmospheric reggae? Hollie Cook proves that it's possible, delivering an album full of grooves that'll make you long for the summer.

    Leyya – Sauna
    Leyya are an Austrian band producing off-kilter, laid back pop that quickly gets intoxicating.

    Nadine – Oh My
    Not the PJ darling Nuhdeen, but a trio making lovely lounge pop.

    Oceana – Can't Stop Thinking About You
    Remember Oceana? She had an European hit with Cry Cry in the late 00s, while Endless Summer was the official song of UEFA Euro 2012 – and the soundtrack to that year's summer. Now, she's returned with a new batch of basic bops.

    Also out that week:
    Calexico – The Thread That Keeps Us
    Craig David – The Time Is Now
    Emma – Essere qui
    Flying Horseman – Rooms / Ruins
    Kalie Shorr – Awake EP
    Nightmares on Wax – Shape the Future
    Nils Frahm – All Melody

    Turin Brakes – Invisible Storm
  4. A&E


    2nd February 2018

    Janice – Fallin Up
    I keep raving about this girl but she really knocked it out of the park with her debut album. She's best pals with Sabina Ddumba – when I saw them live last September they guested on each other's sets with great chemistry – and there are shades of Sabina's style here. However, Janice has her own vision that makes Fallin Up her own. Full of personal lyrics, emotive vocals, and hooks for days – if you skip this album, you'll truly play yourself.

    Rae Morris – Someone Out There
    I'm so happy the word has already spread about this album on the forum! Rae's debut showed promise (see the anthemic Under the Shadows led by stomping drums, or the gorgeous title track Unguarded that was written about dating another girl) but wasn't quite it, with the songs written over a good few years and the lack of clear direction. This has been rectified on this album, written and produced with MyRiot and Rae's now-partner Fryars (Starsmith and Ariel Rechtsaid also contributed). The result is a lush album boasting inventive electronic production and showcasing Rae's lyrics and vocals in a new light.

    Thea & the Wild – Ikaros
    The second album by Norwegian Thea Glenton Raknes is a sure hit for anyone looking for some fresh indie pop.

    Kat Frankie – Bad Behaviour
    More quality indie pop, this time from this Berlin-based singer.

    Rhye – Blood
    Robin Hannibal might not be part of the band anymore, but Rhye continue to make lovely, chilled R&B-tinged tunes.
  5. A&E


    2nd February 2018 (cont.)

    Abbe May – Fruit
    Abbe May is a badass guitarist but it took turning 30 for her to put out what she calls her "coming out record". It is the most personal we've heard her, but it's also funky, soulful, and full of Abbe's usual attitude.

    Hanne Kolstø – Fare
    The prolific Norwegian's 7th album in 8 years (and second in her native language) keeps up the quality and boasts some killer tunes (Is is undeniable) alongside some more experimentation.

    Drekoty – Lub maszyna dzika trawa
    The Polish indie trio took over 5 years and some personnel changes to prepare their sophomore album but it's been worth the wait.

    Anna Burch – Quit the Curse
    Charming guitar-based indie pop.

    Hookworms – Microshift
    A cool take on Krautrock, dialling back the guitar feedback in favour of synths and clearer vocals.

    Also out that day:
    Awolnation – Here Come the Runts
    Field Music – Open Here
    IAMX – Alive in New Light
    Julie Bergan – Turn On the Lights
    Justin Timberlake – Man of the Whites
    Madison Beer – As She Pleases EP
    Nightwave – Sanctuary EP
    Simple Minds – Walk Between Worlds
    The Soft Moon – Criminal
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  7. Can you please add "The Aces - When My Heart Felt Volcanic" on April 6th.
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  8. A&E


    Hey gworls! Time for another update:

    9th February 2018

    Joan as Police Woman – Damned Devotion
    After trying out a more electronic sound on Let It Be You, Joan Wasser is back to a more laid-back sound, although with more sheen and edge to it than before.

    Ravyn Lenae – Crush EP
    This rising Chicagoan's latest EP is a collaboration with The Internet's Steve Lacy.

    MGMT – Little Dark Age
    MGMT are back with a new synth-led album, signalling a return to form.

    Barbara Wrońska – Dom z ognia (House of Fire)
    A member of several Polish indie pop bands, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Barbara finally managed to release her self-produced solo debut. A diverse and captivating collection of songs that should catch your ear.

    Alice Ivy – I’m Dreaming
    Debut effort from this promising Melbourne producer.

    Also out now:
    Cecil Frena
    (fka Born Gold)The Gridlock (@HeartSwells I think you might like this?)
    Don Diablo – Future
    Emmelie de Forestation – History EP
    Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
    Geotheory – Interstellar Love EP
    Gliss – Strange Heaven (@ The Raveonettes fans)
    Kendrick Lamar presents: Various Artists & Kendrick Lamar feat. Kendrick Lamar – Black Panther: The Album
    Son Lux – Brighter Wounds
    Susanna – Go Dig My Grave
    (@ Suzan Sandfor fans)
    White Birches – When the Street Calls (@ Chelsea Wolfe fans)
    The Wombats – Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
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