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5,6,7,RATE! the Steps Discography Rate: WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost In Japan., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. (Apart from Better Best Forgotten.)
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  2. Step One: 7.9
    Steptacular: 7.5
    Buzz: 8.4
    Tears On The Dancefloor: 8.45
    Tears On The Dancefloor (inc. Crying at the Disco tracks): 8.3
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  3. Wait at Steptacular not actually being that bad, Never Say Never Again is a bop.
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  4. I didn't know @Lost In Japan. was allowing negative scores.
  5. Sometimes songs that seem better than Experienced... are worse.
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  6. Really wish I could rate the Party On The Dancefloor versions of some songs. Some of my least faves just went off live. Not sure even Steve Anderson could rescue Experienced though...
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  7. If swear if y’all kick “You’ll Be Sorry” out before the top 10 because H sings much on it...
  8. [​IMG]
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  10. Based on my score, I don't want it anywhere near the Top 10.
  11. You'll be sorry is a TEN.
  12. You'll Be Sorry is really good. A top 10 placing would definitely be more than deserved.
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  13. Faye's ad libs make You'll Be Sorry.
  14. Absolutely. I still don’t know why they cut her last one on the single mix. It would’ve made the ending even more dramatic.

    I am slowly closing in on my final scores. Still no zeros; maybe I should put some in for the songs I really dislike, but I just genuinely don’t think any of them is that bad.

    Edit. My current average for Tears is 8, but with the bonus tracks it’s 8.03333. (Without September Sun it would be 8.25.)
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  15. You rate September Sun 4.75? Is it too good for you so it somehow overshot the 10 and ended up back down there?
  16. Haha. No. Just don’t like it.
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  17. I don't know how your rate of the deluxe could go down because of September Sun. Beautiful Blaahhtlfield, at a push ZzzzZ For you, sure....
  18. Sans all the B-sides and extras:

    Step One :: 6.72
    Steptacular :: 6.96
    Buzz :: 7.76
    Gold :: 6.75
    Tears :: 7.40
  19. Glad to see that Buzz seems to be the highest-scored album out of the earlier era on most people's lists. It was by far my favorite of the first the albums.
  20. I feel like I may have been too critical:

    Averages without B-Sides/Extras:
    Step One - 5.00
    Steptacular - 5.50
    Buzz - 7.33
    Gold - 4.00
    The Last Dance - 0.50
    First Reunion - 4.50
    Tears On The Dancefloor - 5.80

    Averages with B-Sides/Extras:
    Step One - 4.64
    Steptacular - 5.27
    Buzz - 6.30
    Gold - 3.29
    Tears On The Dancefloor - 5.07
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