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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AcerBenII, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Aww bless Jenny. She did a great job on that performance. Maybe she should give Melfest a go.. I wonder if her profile has been lifted at all since doing Så mycket bättre. She'd never win of course, but it'd be nice to see her have a proper hit.
  2. has all the ReverbNation demos - as well as some other ones posted by Claes Cornelius who they used to work with at Mega Records. You'll need to sign up and I think you may also need to PM a moderator to ask for access to the Multimedia section.

    And more recently there's been stuff added to
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  3. Yep, Roxette 2nd. It makes me feel a bit sad when I see that they're still together and do the odd gig in the UK and get playlisted on Radio 2. I feel AoB could've still been going at that sort of level (even as a trio) had they made better decisions along the way.
  4. With reason. Most Ace of Base fans try to forget it exists.
  5. I gave out one zero, who wants to guess which song? I need to have another listen through to decide my 11 and finalise my scores but wow. The last two albums don't have a score underneath a 6 for me and I'm a harsh voter.
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  6. I'm afraid of what you did to my beloved first three albums though.
  7. The Bridge probably got my worst scores but it's not even bad just found a lot of it to be average.
  8. No it's fine. I have a handful of bigtime favorite on those albums, but admittedly there's also alot of songs I don't listen to that much. So I'll be lucky to hit a 7.500 average on them. I love their music, but it's really a big collection of 'greatest hits/album tracks' that I listen to regularly. I own their first three albums though and I'm excited to re-visit most of the discography.
  9. Yay!

    Time to go check out their album tracks. Hope they're good!
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  10. There are some fun ones for sure. Tokyo Girl comes to mind as one you may love.
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  11. Oh and @iheartpoptarts, I know I've already made you a fan of "Donnie".
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  12. Ray


    If you're talking about Roxette, they are not going to tour ever again due to Marie's illness.

    I'm going to try and take part in this to give an obscene average to original Happy Nation, which is a very different album to what happened later.
  13. I see these rates (especially the C-listed) as a gathering of fans to also enjoy their music. I am not a fan though, but are also not acquainted with their music.

    I do not know them aside from two songs, which is the Sign (absolutely hate that one) and All That She Wants, which will get a 6 or 7 depending on the mood (and other scores). Not sure if they are also favourites among the fans. Is there potential with some other songs/recomendations?

    I will watch along the sideline and comment here and there (like I did with the Bjork rate) if I do not participate.
  14. It is so about Donnie Wahlberg.

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  15. Yeah decided it would be better to leave "Ace.Of.Base" out of it. I enjoyed The Golden Ratio album myself but I know a lot of people were pissed off about the whole thing.
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  16. All For You is a bop and I use but otherwise I was left underwhelmed.
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  17. I strongly suggest you give them a chance. I know that you loved Bananarama and Ace of Base covered "Cruel Summer" and to be honest its sound fits right into their discography seemlessly. This should give you hope. Check out their greatest hits albums maybe and she if that sparks your interest.
  18. I expect stanning commentary then.
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  19. Believe me, I'm ready to convince the whole PJ world!
  20. Another Cruel Summer. Wow. Where has that song been all my life. I will try those greatest hits and get back here.
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