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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AcerBenII, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Ray



    While doing my listening for this rate I realised that 1) I don't like Ace of Base as much as I used to, and 2) their high points are incredible, and "The Sign" is the very best.
  2. Perfect. It's always the best thing ever when I decide to 11 my random new obsession and you guys get the final results so, so right anyway!

    Thanks so much, @AcerBenII! It's been amazing and incredibly well-run and I've learned so much I didn't know before and made so many new discoveries. Basically, I just feel like more of an Ace of Base fan now in general. Loved it!

    P.S. @WowWowWowWow

    Me too.
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  3. Ray


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  4. Thanks for running this rate @AcerBenII and doing it so flawlessly! Love all the information in your write-ups, you put us all to shame with how much passion you have towards this amazing group. I was able to make many discoveries as went back through their discography and really enjoyed myself.
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  5. Thanks @AcerBenII for doing this rate, it was incredibly fun to go through their discography! Loved it.
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  7. Fantastic result. Hands down the best Ace of Base song (even if it is only my second favorite).

    You've done a wonderful job @AcerBenII thanks for all the hard work.
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  8. Well, what a surprising top 3! My money would have been in All That She Wants and Life Is A Flower being in there with The Sign.

    (Life Is A Flower is still their best song!)

    I know I didn't vote, but I've been really enjoying watching the rundown. Thanks @AcerBenII for doing this!
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  9. Thanks for the link - that was hilarious!
  10. Totally forgot to take part in this, but it's a super fun read! Loved the WYB post shout-out. But really, it made me laugh.
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