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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AcerBenII, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Please don't torpedo 'The Sign', though!

  2. There is a small chance I will be participating, but if I do I will most likely adjust my rating scale with the lack of 9's and 10's. It feels weird (to me) to rate one song an 11 (and have few 10's or 9's). I also try to get the albums at a normal average. I am not participating if there several below a 6. I will be killing the fun for the true fans in that case.
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  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you wouldn't be killing the fun for anyone! I have a lot of albums average around 5/6-ish myself!
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  4. Is a 9 torpedoing it?
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  5. Come stan for Da Capo with me. (Album, not song. Though song too.)
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  6. Oh, I didn't know that. That's very sad.
    *rubs temples*

    So excited this has started. My favourite band of all time so it's going to be impossible to not give ridiculously high scores but I'll try to be fair.

    Sad to see the disregard for The Bridge as it'll probably end up with my highest average out of all of the albums.
  8. i.e. Am I gonna fight you if you give it less than 10? *grins* We'll see.

    I've got a lot of catching up to do... I don't know any of it yet!
  9. It was supposed to be a return to the Happy Nation sound, but actually it was their Disney-pop album.
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  10. I don't remember it quite like this. This outta be an interesting re-listen.
  11. I think I'll like it either way!
  12. My statistics:

    Happy Nation - Low: 0 x 2 - High: 10 x 3 - Average: 5.80
    The Bridge - Low: 0 - High: 10 x 4 - Average: 6.76
    Flowers - Low: 4 - High: 10 x 7 - Average: 8.92
    Da Capo - Low: 6 - High: 10 x 5 - Average: 9.21
    Hidden Gems - Low: 2 - High: 10 x 3 - Average: 6.97

    Still have to choose my 11. Spoiled for options, as you can see.
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  13. Happy Nation done with my first ever rate commentary.

    Low - 0 High - 10 (or probably 11) Average - 7.3

    My favourite and only hated Ace Of Base songs on the same album.
  14. I have my 11. Once I stopped thinking about it, it was obvious.

    It is an album track. It is from Da Capo. It is not what you might think.
  15. Ray


    My 11 might be Munchhausen just to keep with the tradition of my 11 leaving first.
  16. Well that failed hard with Texas.
  17. What's everyones potential 11 score? I still haven't decided mine yet.
  18. I'd be surprised if that came last. A few I'd put below that one!
  19. It was kind of a pastiche of their Happy Nation sound wasn't it? One of the producers they worked with also did stuff for DJ BoBo so no wonder it wasn't authentic. There were still some gems on there, but some good songs left off.
  20. You really want me to reveal it, I thought you liked surprises?