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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AcerBenII, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. I was thinking about this earlier. I gave almost half the album a 5 or a 6, but then I gave four 10's.

    Not that anyone cares, but my runners-up for my 11 (in no order):
    Adventures in Paradise
    Beautiful Morning
    The Sign
    Hallo Hallo

    All That She Wants is going to walk this, isn't it...
  2. I hope not. I don't how much my 8 will do to prevent that.
  3. Linn was so super cute

  4. Oh lord, you're going to hate me over several of those.

    My 11 was but an album track in most territories.
  5. I will not be participating. I listened to their greatest hits, but only one song stood out (meaning higher than a score of an 8), which was Hallo Hallo. Not sure what to think of that Cruel Summer cover. I kind of like it, but do not want to. I do like the original version much more. I will definitely be checking this rate for some high placed tracks that are worth checking out. Do not be afraid to tag me!
  6. This amazing taste! These are all my runners-up plus Don't Go Away, Beautiful Life and Always Have Always Will. I will definitely be the only 11 for the song I did choose.
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  7. Ray


    I only knew the Ace of Base version and a week ago heard the original for the first time. I don't like it. It sounds like a failed cover of the superior AoB version.
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  8. Sleigh with this opinion! I only knew the Ace of Base version and didn't even know it was a cover at first. The original wasn't an improvement at all.
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  9. I am not surprised.

    I am not surprised.


    I didnot know the song at all until I heard it in the Bananarama rate. So all versions are new to me.
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  10. Cruel Summer is amazing. Well mostly the original Bananarama version and the Ace of Baase cover version. I still haven't picked an 11 for this god damn rate.
  11. The 'Nanas vocals ruin 90% of their music for me, so AoB for the win.
  12. Also all 10's.
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  13. I don't really like 'All That She Wants'.
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  14. Good. You go ahead and be low scorer and save me from any wraths.
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  15. Is it really that beloved? I've always thought of it as an early attempt at their signature sound that they vastly improved on later!
  16. I don't know, I figured The Sign was their signature loved song. Something about "all that she wants is just another baby" bothers me lyrically. It sounds great but it's hard for me to stan for it. I know they mean "another baby" as in another lover, but it's easy to hear it as literally wanting another 'baby'. I don't really want that in a sugary pop song.
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  17. Oh my god, me too.

    P.S. 'The Sign' is totally it.
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  18. I wonder if it was a case of bad translation at the time - their English was always a little basic.

    Speaking of - what the hell is the first line in The Sign, where one of them growls: "Mmmhgonnnafrooolyou"?
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    That always just sounded like shouting random sounds, something like 'wapaah wapaah yeah'.
    Or are we talking the first line of the first verse?
  20. I've been meaning to dive into their discography. I might do this.