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Acts only YOU remember or like...

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by anfunny2003, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Uno


    I doubt I'm the only one to remember this, but I didn't know where else to post this. WOW what a song.

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  2. Quite literally, a HiNRG classic!

    This was just on TOTP 1984 the other day and sounds as good as ever.
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  3. Yes, and discussed in some detail in the Story Of 1984 doc as well, cf. its similarity to Relax.
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  4. It's Relax done right!

    *ducks for cover*
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  5. Don't do it.
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  6. What's The Point? How about a '90s flop pop duo (Sybil Syn and Chris Little)! Think The Divinyls meets Moloko via Stakka Bo maybe? They are a bit bonkers. Their one and only album, 1993's Fingernoid Slink, isn't too bad. It features the (sort of) singles (ie. label issues meant they both never got past promo pressings), Hey Jane (a psychedelic, woozy 60s-tinged pop song) and Dance Is The Nu Sex (rampant, Eurohouse club banger). There are a few recognisable names in the credits too; George Martin (The Beatles, who plays the guitar on Hey Jane), Mark Maguire (S'Express, Baby Ford), Mike "Spike" Drake (Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Electronic and a squillion others) and Ian Grimble (Saint Etienne, Dannii Minogue). Proof that pop music used to be colourful, fun and, well, a bit daft! It's not going to change anyone's life, but a nice effort from a pop also-ran.

    Hey Jane

    Dance Is The Nu Sex

  7. With a name like Single Gun Theory you'd expect them to sound like a hip hop/gangster rap group, but nope! They're a great little ethereal, downtempo, synth-pop three-piece from Australia. They were also promoted over in the USA, but as far as I know, nothing got released here in the UK? Anyway, they released three albums and eight singles between 1987-1996. Of particular note, or rather my favourite, is Flow, River Of My Soul. I love the single Fall from this and the remix package is superb (Apollo 440). "Cocteau Twins meets Orbital" one YouTube comment reads...


    From A Million Miles

    Fall [Abstract Gladiators Remix]

  8. The name rings a definite bell, so I'll check them out!
  9. You might appreciate Motherland, which is quite lovely...

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  10. I dismissed Single Gun Theory after I had heard their first single in 1987, which sounded like an uninspired Front 242 left over.
    The later videos, which you linked are quite nice though.
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