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Acts who were pushed and hyped to no avail

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, May 19, 2017.

  1. I was at a Great Escape gig last night and there were two music industry bods having a conversation behind us during the band changeover about 'the state of things' and they were talking about a singer who had been pushed by a 'major' label, appeared on several shows, promo'd here there and everywhere but never took off properly.

    I have no idea why, but for some reason I think it was Jessie Ware? Maybe they mentioned her in passing. Whoever it was had had a lot of money spent on her - they uttered numbers but I was merrily away on my Rekorderlig by this point.

    One of them brought up V V Brown (who I saw the same festival 3-4 years ago) and said "we got her on [major TV show] and several other big slots" and then lamented how she "just didn't take" or less pleasant words to this effect.

    So I wondered what other acts who looked certain to dominate just faded into nothingness before they even got started?
  2. Would Nadine Coyle (as in solo career) fit here?
  3. Having no clue about such things, I looked up her UK chart stats and 2 top 10 albums, 44 weeks on chart in total doesn't sound too shabby. Singles-wise, she looks to have struggled (and these days, really, who doesn't).
  4. No.

    She had one music video/single whilst on her label and as soon as the album flopped they never bothered to push her again. I think this title is more for an artist that keeps getting a lot of promo, lots of singles etc. to keep pushing the artist and trying to sell them to the public but still flops.
  5. Solange Knowles? She has yet to score a huge hit...
  6. Guy


  7. I'll have you know she scored a huge hit with Jay Z.
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  8. Daisy Dares You!

    I remember the video being shown a crazy amount but it all came to nothing when her single flopped and the album indefinitely shelved.
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  9. Alexa Goddard, who had a semi-hit by covering Swag On via YouTube after Cher Lloyd performed it on The X Factor and managed to sell her version. It was her only "hit" at #20. She was signed by Roc Nation and released 3 singles.

    She must've been dropped. Actually I think this applies to quite a few YouTube discoveries who just can't seem to actually translate huge views on covers into an actual music career. Esmée Denters is another example of this although Outta Here was a hit, her other singles flopped along with her debut album. Considering she had quite a push and Justin Timberlake championing her, it was probably a letdown financially for her label.
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  10. She has a #1 album and a Grammy. I don't think it's fair to say she was hyped for nothing.
  11. Yes, and I think @Syzygyz's gif-avatar for "I Will Never Let You Down" constitutes enough promo for her to qualify.
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  12. Paula Deanda got soooo much promo and hype back in the mid-2000's. TV slots, straight-to-DVD movie roles, endless promo singles...
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  13. QUEEN
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  14. Oh God. I had to watch that Girl Thing video again just to see if it was as bad as I remembered; if anything, it's worse.

    Anyone trying to market a new pop group should be made to watch this as an example of what not to do. The consequence of trying to rip off something successful without any understanding of why it's successful.
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  15. Damn you beat me to it. The hype about them was hilarious in hindsight. They were the "next Spice Girls". As a young die-hard Spice Girls stan at the time, this made me hate Girl Thing immediately.
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  16. Girlicious? Except they were randomly popular in Canada, lol.
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    Lady Sovereign getting a big US push with Jay-Z at the helm was a kii considering she hardly had a hit in the UK.
  18. Jessie Ware had some successful and critically acclaimed singles and albums, and still gets festival gigs and so on so I really doubt she applies here. And besides it hardly seemed like anyone was pushing for her to smash the whole world anyway.

    Frankmusik however comes to mind.