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After School + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Welcome back, Jungah!
  2. I love Jungah but that is awful.
  3. Three years ago this blessing from the heavens dropped on to the earth.

  4. Christ! I couldnt get through that J-Star / Jungah track. Just awful.
  5. Jungah looks like his mum.
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  6. Awful! Jungah died and was replaced when they cut her hair at the Because Of You era!
    I mean I would have kill myself too! That was the worst look in Kpop herstory!!!
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  7. She was treated the worst with style. BOY was AWFUL and then with Shampoo with that Bell shaped framing haircut... Oh dear!
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  8. So apparently, Raina (a.k.a the evil dwarf, a.k.a The After School third generation conjuring ) soon will be dropping a solo career for what it seems.
    And her new collab single is quite pleassing and better than Jungah's.
    Once again, this bitch, strikes like a silent ninja!

  9. You have to give credit to Raina. She got PLEDIS Boss by the balls and squeezed out solo gigs for herself.
  10. It was ALL her plan from the start!
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  11. I watched today's episode of M! Countdown in NYC where Seventeen performed Bang. I found it sad that groups like Pledis Girlz and Seventeen are performing AS' songs while the group is practically a rotting corpse at this point.

  12. They were so damn on point.
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  13. Not the most exciting news but Nana is getting great reviews for her role as a badass bisexual investigator in the Korean remake of The Good Wife.

    I won't be surprised if she becomes a full time actress from here on.
  14. Just yesterday I thought a lot about After School again, watching their old performances, etc. I miss them so much.
    And Nana, to me, is the most beautiful Idol ever. I have never seen an Asian woman who could pull off blond better.
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  15. I know right? She must have the coloring for it. It doesn't matter if she is pale are tanned, she always looked good as a blond.
    Glad she's getting good reviews on her new show. I'm sure its well deserved.
  16. I really do miss this group a lot. They were the queen of middle-tiers from debut to 2011. Their Japanese material brought quality as well. I just wish everyone really got the best out of the group's brand. It's just sad how the two youngest members didn't get the shine they should have had to serve as a foundation to branch outside of the group.

    E-Young is still 23 years old, she can pretty much lead another idol group. Same for Kaeun. She's just the same age as some of the current crop of idols from the third generation. She's also just a year older than Im Nayoung (I.O.I/Pledis Girlz). Basically she's still so young, and still has a shot at it if she wants to, or when her contract with Pledis expires.
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  17. Is Kahi ever gonna make more music? It's Me was such a jam. She aged pretty quick though. Would also like an OC comeback if they're still even a thing.
  18. I'd kill for an OC comeback.
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  19. I want another Asiancity bop.
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  20. We never got one for Tokyo or some Souteast Asian inspired anthem.