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After School + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. UEE's graduation letter:
    "It seems like just yesterday that I debuted as a member of After School as a new recruit, but it's already been 8 years. Since then, the members who were in high school have become college students, and my front seat has changed. During my promotions, the word 'graduation' felt foreign to me, but now it's my turn. Time goes so fast. Even though I can no longer be After School's UEE, I will never forget that I am a graduate of After School, where ever I may be. I would like to thank everyone in the Pledis family, and am thankful and apologetic toward the [After School] members. I will become a UEE who is always bright and who does everything with joy."

    I'm glad UEE graduated already. I feel like, as much as she was the reason why After School got much attention during her debut, she's really just a bigger star as an actress and a TV personality.
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  2. Pledis set UEE up for superstardom. Bless her for being the most acclaimed. It's time to bury After School now and keep Orange Caramel Alive.
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  3. Never really cared for UEE but what's the point of having them "graduate" when they haven't released anything for years?!
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  4. Isn't is just leaving the company at this stage? Is she still with PLEDIS?
  5. Nope, she left the company a few days ago.
  6. It's 2027: Only Raina and Eyoung are left in After School. They perform at a Japanese showcase with re-recorded hits. Raina has taken all the lines. She stands still and sings every song by her self while Eyoung performs interpretive dance on the side of the stage.

    Pledis makes their first profit from A.S. in 12 years.
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  7. Pledis should do total reset for After School. Just get new members and start new generation. Keep old members in OC.
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  8. You took me there.
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  9. Or shredding solos on electric guitar.

    (Biggest waste of talent in KPop. She should go work for FNC.)
  10. Let's remember E-Young very first performance :

    I've never seen a group with so much wasted potential.
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  11. To be honest, the remaining five fill the spots and positions to make a comeback. All are strong and capable vocally, and are competent dancers. After P101 Season 2, we're sure to have a Nu'est revival anyway.

    Pledis, with the power that it has now, is more than capable to do an After rebirth either with the current girls, SOME of the current girls with new girls, or a whole new set of girls.
    E-Young had one of the most legendary and hyped-up debut stages... and a few months later she sings one line in Shampoo. She was lucky to have joined them at the time they were still very relevant though.
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  12. Poor Kaeun didn't even have that chance.
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  13. I just wonder if Nana could even be bothered at this point. She's still a world-class visual, that's for sure, with great moves, charisma and while not the greatest singer, she's got a distinctive, instantly recognizable voice that works for her. There's nobody I miss more in KPop. Except maybe the twins.
  14. What do you think Pristin is?!
  15. Shit.

    I joke. Heaps of potential, questionable material.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. So Raina has just released a OST track for some show.

    BUT the most interesting thing about it is that Eyoung cowrote, composed, arranged and played bass AND piano for the track. She ain't dead! #teamtalent
  18. That's actually quite beautiful. E-Young needs to compose and produce more songs. She can be the female answer to Maktub - slaying those OSTs and getting his cash, and occasionally release his own singles.

    Anyway, the group is five members again. Raina-sis, give us the second After School wind!
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  19. A failure. I want After School brand to continue, as Morning Musume.
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  20. Talking of Japanese bands, these gals gave me major After School vibes & made me miss what a 2017 release for them could be.
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