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Alexandra Burke - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LoveLockdown, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. LoveLockdown

    LoveLockdown Guest

    She has definitely confirmed her US debut in early 2013, and will be there at least for 8 months.

    In the meantime to the slayage that was sorely missed in 2012.....
    Here is On MY Own which shall be televised in November:

    Here is the audio, I cannot wait for HQ.

    She's been looking amazing recently too (another issue the weave) :P
  2. Wow, I'm really excited for Alexandra to release music in America. I think she has the potential to really conquer the charts there.

    I'm glad that she'll be out there for 8 months, and hopefully her team have a great strategic plan for her.
  3. Since the Heartbreak On Hold is closed these days I'll just put it here - updated UK sales as of last week:

    15,592 copies.
  4. I saw that too.

    Absolutely awful, feel so sorry for her.
  5. Shitting christ. That's bad. Like, legitimately terrible. I don't understand how it went so wrong for her.
  6. Well, at least it sold better than Steve Brookstein's second album, which to date has only sold 3632 copies.

  7. It's not like they promoted it after the first week though. With no single after the album coming out, it was never going to sell much more.

    Still awful though.
  8. Such a shame, but the album was bad.

    There was barely any promotion to it (absolutely none on release week if I remember correctly) and the single they released the week before barely made the top 40.

    I do hope she can bounce back, she's very talented. Even if it's in a Beverly Knight sort of way.
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  9. Is she really going to debut in the US? Really?

    Battling Ciara to book out Wal-Mart car-parks?
  10. Does it not make logical sense?
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    The fact she's still recording a new album and apparently with more high end producers is a mystery. Granted, the material might be B/C/D-List but still doesn't make much sense given those sales. Delighted of course though.

    She didn't get any help whatsoever for that album. I don't even count it, it's almost like Ciara and Basic Instinct.
  12. You could make a solid EP out of the album. I've recently realised how great the title track is.

    It's so strange, that after her debut sold in excess of 800k, and achieved multiple hit singles, she was given really sub-par material and was surrounded by no one who wanted to give her a significant push for the second album. And almost as a self-fulfilling prophecy, now she's bombed, people will continue to give her poor material and not make an effort to push her.

    It's a shame, she's one of the best vocalists and performers that they UK has produced in the past ten years.
  13. Let It Go should have smashed though.
  14. Let It Go was trite...such a transparent attempt at trying to jump onto the dance-pop band wagon, but just falling flat on its face in the dust. The only thing that should be taken from the album is Between The Sheets and maybe Beating Still (but that's still a little too basic for my liking too).
  15. She completley misjudged what the public wanted from her and now she is paying the price. I hope she does find some degree of success because she is talented and has shown she will work hard. I can't see her squandering this next oppourtunity, she has alot riding on it.
  16. Yesterday she was doing a photoshoot for her new era according to her instagram, so we could be hearing something soon.
  17. 15x better than Onika Maraj. Just sayin'.
  18. I love how much RuPaul loves her. She should become a judge on Drag Race.
  19. He should play her songs in the show at least....