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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Is there already a thread for this ?

    Either way, she just released a snippet of her new single + video on instagram :

    It sounds quite horrible.
  2. Sounds like a charity single???
  3. When did she lose it?

    These lyrics are plain embarrassing.
    Time to get a writer in.
  4. That's what I've been saying to myself about her for a long time now. Her first two albums are true masterpieces, and then it steadily went downhill (with the Girl On Fire album being a slight improvement).
  5. For me, 'The Element of Freedom' is one of her best albums.
    'Girl On Fire' is pretty amazing too. ('When It's All Over', y'all. 'When It's All Over.') In the first half anyway. Then it goes a bit downhill.

    There's just always a few handful songs dragging her albums down.

    I thought 'Girl On Fire' was her worst lead single ever, but now we have this turd.
  6. Improvement? The Element of Freedom is her best?
  7. I used to adore this woman. The past few albums are painful to listen to because of the screeching and shouting she does. Her voice sounds ripped to shreds.
  8. I look forward to yet another album with one decent song and twelve fillers.
  9. I don't like The Element of Freedom, I just can't listen to it in its entirety, there's only 2 songs I can play (Un-thinkable and Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart, which rank among her absolute best). Girl On Fire has When It's All Over, Fire We Make and Listen To Your Heart, which are exquisite, as well as the four last songs, perfectly flowing up to the grand finale.
  10. I love all of her albums and think they've all been quality......and then there is the last one. Pretty dire If I'm honest. When It's All Over its incredible even if it's kinda Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart part two. Listen To Your Heart is also cut from the same cloth as Unthinkable. I also have time for That's When I Knew but on the whole it's very very patchy. This new song is beyond bad though.
  11. Remember when she was the future? The Conway Sisters would turn their noses up at this.
  12. I never got into Girl on Fire which makes me sad as I'm a huge fan. It had a few good songs but nothing like The Element of Freedom, which I think is her absolute best album. This is kind of embarrassing - the lyrics are terrible. I appreciate the sentiment but I'm cringing listening to it.
  13. The Diary of Alicia Keys. Such an incredible album. What happened?
  14. Wah I never thought so many people would rank The Element of Freedom as her best album, I'll have to revisit it as I can't seem to get into it. In what state of mind should I listen to it ? What makes it brilliant to you ?
  15. I hate it. Boy is a bottom is infinitely better and I'm not even kidding.
  16. After reading her reasons for the song on the Facebook post at least it makes sense. Luckily don't think it'll be a lead single of any kind, just something "she wanted to do". It's not very complex neither musically nor lyrically, but if it's "just for herself" hey, ok.

    First two albums, mind blowing (in a very good way). Back then it was hard to pick songs you wouldn't like from those albums. From there on it's been the opposite, just a few songs should be saved. Sad.
  17. She's working with Pharrell on the album, she talks about it here:
  18. She's been on a steady decline since the last record. Girl On Fire is truly subpar while As I Am and The Element of Freedom are records I could listen to all day.

    This is just boring, with nothing else to really elevate it. Quite a shame.
  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Obviously not been listening to Alicia i see...

    The Element of Freedom is amazing, and Girl On Fire was ok, but I don't know if this is going to be something I'll look forward to...