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Alicia Keys - Here

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Sep 7, 2014.

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    Vas doesn't do rates......
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  2. Vas loves this:
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  3. Vas is so iconic he talks about himself in the third person.
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  4. Alicia dropped a new sing & video today.

  5. Just wanted to say listening to 'Tinashe Radio' on Spotify thankfully led me to discovering the joy that is 'In Common'. What a song.
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  6. I really need to listen to this as I've always had a soft spot for Alicia Keys and listened to all her albums, no matter how patchy and inconsistent they may be. I did try once right after it came out but I ended falling asleep somewhere between the 5th and 6th track.And that wasn't meant as shade towards her as I made the mistake of doing right after a long day at work, but I do think it speaks volume that I never got the urge to finish it.
  7. It's such a shame that the song didn't do well as it's one of my favorite things Alicia has done in years.
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  8. Why is this not on the album?
  9. I had never heard it but I've only really dipped in and out of Alicia over the years. I'm intrigued though, is the album equally as strong?
  10. I don't know if you saw my earlier post but I never finished her album. But from what I've heard In Common seems to have been delegated to bonus track status and ,unfortunately , doesn't not represent the album . I guess after it flopped she changed gears. That's part of the reason why I haven't been in an hurry to listen to it. (That and being utterly disappointment in Girl on Fire)
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  11. Oh shame! I did see that, just hadn't realised you were the same poster, sorry!

    Funnily enough when I heard it I just assumed it was some some random track 11 or something on her album or even being a bonus track because it just struck me as so unusual and, from my limited experience of her music, such a fresh kind of sound from her that it never crossed my mind that it would have been a single. It seemed like one of those gems that hide away in the twilight hours of a record, that only real fans talk about and treasure. Which is totally a compliment.
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  12. Seems to that Alicia had the same thought as you as she decided to hide it at the very end of the album, not even making the official final track listing. I was so excited when I first heard In Common as I had gotten used to Alicia being formulaic and trite, and In Common was definitely neither of those. In fact, when I first heard it, I thought of it as the spiritual successor of Unthinkable, which remains my all time favorite Alicia song. I find her so frustrating because shes proven to me that she has the potential and ability for something truly great and special, but I feel she ends up limiting herself. With all this talk, I feel I'll definitely make time to fully delve into Here, as I rather my last Alicia Keys album not be Girl on Fire.
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  13. You've hit them nail on the head with what drew me to the song also. You're right about Girl On Fire too, I think that is the reason I perhaps subconsciously blocked her from my radar until now.
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  14. We honestly need to have a prayer circle for Alicia's vocal chords after the hell she put them (and our ears) through during the Girl on Fire promo circuit.
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  15. The Voice coaches performing TLC's "Waterfall". Gwen and Alicia rapped Left Eye's part.
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  16. Just heard 'In Common'. Was so random to hear this brilliance among the shit at my friend's.
    I want to get to the level of the song. Later.
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  17. RCA has released a four-track EP called Vault Playlist, Vol. 1 with three new versions of existing Alicia songs, plus a great (new?) song called A Place To Call My Own.
  18. Does anyone know if the Put It in a Love Song video was ever completed?

    Oh and I finally listened to Here. More Than We Know is nice!
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  19. I want to know how she cleared her skin up! Ha. She always had quite bad acne and covered it all the time with make-up. Even in music videos they air brushed her skin to make it look less obvious. Now she's going make-up free and looking stunning... I want to know her secret to beautiful skin please!