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All Saints - Red Flag (Album) & Singles.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. This is very true! I'll have to keep playing it to her on loop until she thinks it's the best song ever!
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  2. Just throwing it out there but wouldn't it have been fab had MKS' Boys not gone to waste and was on some kind of Red Flag re-release. Would have gone OFF on the tour.
  3. Definitely! Obviously with Nat singing the "boy stop" bits!
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  4. Does anyone know of footage anywhere of them performing Viva La Vida and Poison last summer? I'm curious to hear that! I remember when they did Walk This Way around 2000 which was fun but then they did Like A Prayer this year and I thought that was an awful version!
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  5. What does everyone think the chances are of some sort of collaboration between Take That and All Saints? Either a "duet" or perhaps Gary Barlow writing a song for the girls?
  6. I really hope they don't work together. All Saints sound is at its peak I think and I like the fact they did Red Flag with K-Gee as the five of them know what All Saints sound like. And Shaznay is a far superior songwriter than Gary Barlow. They don't need the PR or having Gary Barlow take credit for the amazing work they've been doing.

    Edit: I wouldn't mind Shaznay writing a song for them, though. That I will allow.
  7. How about Natalie coming on to Sing Lulu's part in Relight My Fire?
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  8. Oh yeah. I don't care about that. I just don't want any official release/new material of the two bands in any form.
  9. That's all I've thought about since the tour was announced!
  10. I can't see Take That writing for a different act unless it's only Gary doing the writing, and his songwriting needs to stay as far away from All Saints as possible. Having them show up during Relight would be ace, though. It's a boring track when a female singer doesn't show up to do Lulu's bit.

    I'm so excited to see them.
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  11. RAV


    Mks and All Saints duet would be cool
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  12. Now that would be amazing. I would given my left kidney to have MKS open for All Saints on their Red Flag tour. I don't even care if they don't have a label. How amazing would have been to have both London Records artists reunite after all these years.
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  13. I love Natalie's recent instagram post about her new guitar. I always assumed she plays the guitar, now it's confirmed.
  14. Shaznay Lewis and Gary Barlow have already collaborated together for a band in Asia. They have co-written this one with Eliot Kennedy and Lucie Silvas.

    Just to give you an idea ...
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  15. If enough people say it it might come true?!
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  16. RAV


    So when is the next album ?????
  17. It seems like we are not going to hear anything from or about them until the Take That tour starts.

    So this is all I have:

    a) some photography studio using a picture of them

    b) Shaz is in this for a second.

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  18. Just listening to Red Flag at work. What an album. And One Strike is truly the perfect track, isn't it?! What a song. Can't wait for their next album.
  19. Are there any fans of Appleton's - Everything's Eventual here? I loved that album back in '03, Don't Worry and Fantasy were regularly on repeat.
  20. LP


    So it's a year today since this was all announced!
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