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All Saints - Red Flag (Album) & Singles.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. K94


    Let them know! It's one of their best singles.
  2. I remember that they had to struggle to get Chick Fit released... Parlophone wanted to release Rock Steady firstly, but the girls wanted Chick Fit like first single. So they agree to release Rock Steady first, and then, to follow with Chick Fit! I wonder what success they would have if Chick Fit was the first single?

    The Spice Girls wanted to release Wannabe, as debut single and Virgin wanted to release Love Thing. I'm sure the girls wouldn't have the same success if they had released Love Thing...
  3. Same here. What a crap last single that was!
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  5. I cannot be any more excited for this! I love all their singles!
  6. Regarding their studio albums, I never got their debut so can't comment on that but I was given Saints and Sinners as a Christmas present the year it came out and it was one of the only albums I ever had that I just couldn't get into. I bought Studio 1 for £2 in Fopp, really just for Rock Steady and Chick Fit and absolutely loved it, I still listen to it now, in fact its on at the moment, brilliant album. So Id be willing to give their new album a go.
  7. Ray


    Chick Fit (almost typed Fillet) is amazing. Looking forward to this, possibly more than MKS -- somehow this one feels like it could actually, you know, get released.
  8. Saints and Sinners is far from average. It is a cohesive not to mention sophisticated beyond most girl bands record.

    The likes of "Ready Willing and Able", "Surrender", "Black Coffee", "Pure Shores", "Dreams". These girls were at their best when they quit the first time. They could easily make a record of laid back electronic and R&B-tinged grooves today and not sound dated.
  9. Saints and Sinners is by far their best album for me. Love almost every song!

    For some reason (probably because I'm an MKS fan) I'm sceptical about new music ever seeing the light of day. Who are they signed to?
  10. Ray


    Let's all cross our fingers it's not Polydor.
  11. It could be - they're signed to Fascination Management and they have close ties with them so...
  12. They already have V festival performance up their sleeves while MKS had super secret ponystep gig as their first performance... i can imagine All saints album being released earlier than MKS one.
  13. PBH


    Maybe it's because it's their only album I know, but I LOVE Saints & Sinners. I'll now spend the rest of the day listening to their other albums.
  14. Scar still sounds absolutely incredible to me... Melanie really shines on that!

    And Natalie's "YEAH!" in Love Is Love still gives me life after all these years...
  15. Love Is Love is fantastic, I've always liked that one!
  16. I love Chick Fit and Black Coffee but beyond that only liked everything else. So I'm just hoping for another essential track or two!

    ...actually after writing that I went back and revisited what I have of theirs and it sounds better than ever. One Me And U for example. So color me excited!
  17. I've been listening to them all day and now I'm obsessed with In It To Win It. I know that in a way it sounds really similar to Chick Fit, esp the verses, but it's so inspiring! It's getting me through life! Bring on the new album!

    I totally just added that last sentence to keep this vaguely on-topic since lord knows where the Studio 1 thread is.
  18. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I loved, er, Love Is Love at the time, but it's a mess listening to it now.
  19. I Iove Never Ever. I remember it being such a massive song and playing it on repeat.
  20. It's sad how many people dismiss All Saints and say "they only had two or three good songs". LIES AND IGNORANCE.