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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I can't wait to play 4 HQ tracks ripped from a live stream next to 2 HQ iTunes files next to 4 LQ vinyl rips in a few days.
  2. I kinda like the new Old Habits Die Hard.
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  3. Queen of leaking her own material in multiple formats!
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  4. Queen of clacking heels
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  5. It's not Collxtion I was any "deeper" or whatever meaningless quantifier you want to assign.
  6. Well, I guess you're going to have to change your username huh sis!
  7. Maybe now you can post in other threads and enjoy more pop music other than Allie X! The curse has been lifted, you're free!
  8. Move on x
  9. 1. Paper Love
    2. Vintage
    3. Need You ft. Valley Girl
    4. Casanova

    5. Lifted
    6. Simon Says
    7. Old Habits Die Hard

    8. That’s So Us
    9. Downtown
    10. True Love Is Violent

    So we've heard the bold in (basically) full and italicized in demo forms.
    Spare us, queen, and just hit us up with a zippyshare link quick.
  10. Can she unlock the stream for mobile devices please.
  11. Thisisbrandnewinformation.gif

    Listen, I love Collxtion I. You don't have to preach its virtues to me, but stop acting like it's fucking Biophilia and she just released a Bebe Rexha album.
  12. Wow just from these few songs I can tell that this is so much better than her debut. Come through, evolution!
  13. This is..... taking a metaphor for a type of love a bit on the nose.
  14. How am I just now finding out she's 31? Not that that's old in the least, but I expected her to be closer to my age. Ageless vampiric queen.
  15. Wow, I'm severely unimpressed. Gutted.
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  16. N
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  17. Need You could be a hit for her

  18. Downloads aren't enabled, so it should be fine? Let me know if the uploader makes downloads enabled tho so I can unlink then nn.
  19. Going off of what we've heard so far, the only tracks below at least a 9/10 are Paper Love and Simon Says - and even then, they're like...7's.

    We truly do not deserve Allie X.
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  20. I've made three threads about new pop music I've enjoyed but not even a single person has replied.