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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Does anyone else think she kind of sounds like Lana in Simon Says? She sounded straight up like her in the verses.
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  2. Just listened to the "improved" OHDH. And I have only one thing to say: Wtf? Why was there EVER any change necessary in the first place? The new version sounds totally uninteresting and has completely lost its flow. I guess she just desperately searched for something to change in the song so that her fans wouldn't complain about a 1 year old tune being included on the record. To be honest, I would have been completely fine with that. I still listen to the original a lot.
    I'm deeply sorry and I am not trying to offend anybody (as i am apparently the only one here who's devastatingly disappointed with CLXII), but I am slowly yet steadily loosing my interest in her. Not even sure if I will keep my vinyl pre-order or if I'll cancel it.
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  3. I think some (me included) are thrown off, because nobody expected her to RETURN to that sound. Everyone on here knows that her roots were glossy and sassy (like "Vintage"), but probably didn't see (and/or want) that (to) make a resurgence on CLXII.
  4. I'm obsessed with Simon Says.
  5. I only skimmed through the new tracks, mind you, but I didn't really hear a big difference from her previous officially released material?

    Anyway, I'm sure the full LP will probably include some real ~derk~ songs if that's what some of you are hoping for.
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  6. The amount of hand-wringing going on in this thread...

    Anyway, that synth riff after the chorus of Vintage is straight up lifted from Never Gonna Give You Up. Meme queen.
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  7. Why is not Paper Love on Spotify?
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  8. btw, Need You is EXTREMELY good
  9. Show was incredible, Leland performed basically all new music (said it would be out later this year, lemme go start that thread) and KILLED it, he was an awesome opener.

    Allie's set was killer, I've seen her three times now and she gets more natural and relaxed every time.

    Sounds like Paper Love will drop officially on the 28th. It's not coming today, so the "shaky fan video" tweet makes more sense now.
  10. AXW


    So jealous!
  11. Did she perform new songs we haven't heard yet?
  12. The lyrics to "Downtown" are on Genius. Not sure if they are legit, but if they are, they are amazing.
  13. Do you have a vinyl?
  14. Yep! She put me on her IG story I'm laughing.
  15. We're all waiting for you to upload the songs :D
  16. What a super fun night. It was an amazing show and she's just lovely. The new songs sounded incredible and Leland was great. The vinyl is so beautiful with so much fun shenanigans in it. Only caveat, I do not have a record player. No biggie, c'est la vie c'est la mort, it was still a blast.
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  17. I'm in the same boat.
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  18. I hate her
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  19. She was incredible live - the show was a ton of fun and I sadly also have the vinyl and am sans record player. It's a very pretty mint color so at least I can gaze at it longingly.

    But the new songs were great live!
  20. Buy a record player and rip it already.....