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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. It took me a lil while, but I absolutely love Paper Love now.

    Still waiting for the album to be up for streaming.
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  2. It's so gorgeous. The opening lyrics hit me hardest - so simple, but devastating.

    Where'd you go?

    Why'd you leave?
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  3. This is very good.

    Can someone change the thread title to Paper Love + COLLXTION II?
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  4. I'm so addicted to Paper love ! this son is just a masterpiece !
  5. I could, but that would be so 2011.
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  6. OK, this album is incredible.
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  7. In the meantime let's imagine that in an alternative universe there are twin Allie X doppelgangers with some crazier fashion choices.

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  8. What about the exact same thing but the music is good?
  9. So... The Veronicas?
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  10. I know it's been said, but it has not been and never will have been said enough: Need You is the one. Absolutely devastating, while still bopping just enough. If it doesn't break your heart you don't have one.
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  11. True Love Is Violent is the only bore, to be honest.
  12. I like "Paper Love" but would it have killed her to include a middle eight and third chorus? It sounds kind of unfinished as it is.
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  13. I absolutely adore "Vintage" - it's one of the best things she's ever done.

    And I might be in the minority but I prefer the new version of "Old Habits".
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  14. I'm almost certain the point was to make it a song that begs for repeated plays. It's kind of working for me, and I almost never play the song twice in a row.
  15. I wasn't aware the album was put out there in the ether. Omg. I feel like im going to be disappointed.

    This is the same problem Gaga had when she performed ARTPOP songs at the iTunes fest and then made changes for the final version... You start to miss the way the songs used to sound. But I enjoy this so far. I wish Purge got a finished up version though & All the Rage & Too Much to Dream was on here because I really adore those songs
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  16. Agreed. It would have made a much better closer, True Love Is Violent is nothing special.
  17. Do we have any explanation as why the first few seconds of Paper Love are Kiss From A Rose? It's so weird.
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  18. I can't believe they finally fixed their eyebrows. This is a bop.
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  19. I won’t be able to unhear this, will I?
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  20. It's not like it's super necessary/vital to the song either. Playing with fire gherl.