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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I love that Allie X loves drag queens and loves working with them.
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  2. I appreciate the pandering to the gays and all that but she couldn’t just record a video herself?
  3. Oh there's an actual music video happening. This Biblegirl video is part of an anthology series, separate and more to come.

    EDIT: From her email today:
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  4. Ooooh, I saw BibleGirl last week in Birmingham and she did that number!

    She wasn't bad, but apart from some good makeup she's a bit bland.

    Curious about this drag anthology. Come through, queen of the underground gays!
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  5. So Xcited about the Casanova video and CLXIII's announcement (hopefully these aren't empty words). Allie will be involved in so many different projects next year. She just deserves more recognition and I'm sure she's gonna get some.​
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  6. Dowtown may be my favorite song of the entire year honestly.
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  7. Remember when she said she wanted to do five CollXtions (when she announced the first)?
  8. It sounds like she’s doing the background vocals in the new G-Eazy/Halsey song
  9. Did she co-write it?
  10. Apparently not so I’m kinda confused, it sounds so much like her though...
  11. First of all:

    I gasped.

    Second, this went up yesterday, cute lil' behind-the-scenes of that photoshoot she's been milking all year.

    She mentioned it's one of two "Xmas gifts" coming, I'm curious what the second will be. I would say Casanova vid but something tells me it's something else.
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  12. I would kill for a Charli Allie Poppy track.
  13. Keep it.
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  14. Tracks called “Kid Wonder”, “The Other Side” and “Sunflower” have been registered with Bram Inscore, Leland and Troye Sivan. It’d be great if she could land a bunch of co-writes on his new album like last time.
  15. I'm hopeful she will! She's been in more sessions with him than she was for Blue Neighbourhood, I get the impression they've really bonded.
  16. Kuh-WEEN of product deals!

    Casanova paid-for promo.
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  17. Queen of Google.

  18. We LOVE it.

    I, for one, am excited for her first real music video since Catch three years ago.
  19. The Paper Love music video was quite the misstep for Allie, wasn't it? I still think it's objectively a good video, but put it into context and it really didn't make any sense. It was simply too kooky for such a straightforward song.
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