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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I need more music from her. She's been such a revelation.
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  2. I mean, this is just simply boring.
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  3. I actually think it's rather visually stunning despite its simplicity. The oversized mustard blazer, cerulean turtleneck and orange knee-highs Allie has on are a lqqk.
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  4. Great video. Also living for the [energetic dancing] moment 1:08.
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  5. I love VÉRITÉ so much.
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  6. It's a very #aesthetic video but I like it.
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  7. Allie is never going to be able to top the Catch music video. The planets aligned for that one. It's one of the most incredible music videos I've ever seen in my life.
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  8. Just sharing after I binged all 148 pages of this -- Easily the best part of joining this forum recently has been reading through the pages of past threads-- this, Skye, Dua, Charli among others and watching other people feel the same emotions I felt for years but only got confusion when I brought the frustration up with people in real life. I look forward to spending time in pain in love of flop girls with you all.

    PS Casanova vid is solidly good not great; Allie has done better and will do again I think. Honestly, if she had a real pop girl budget I think she would splash everyone out of the pool.
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  9. Queen did that. I would have liked one more setup but I really can't complain. I'm forever impressed by her resourcefulness. She always delivers quality with barely any budgets. I know she likes being indie but I really wish she would get a proper record deal and a consequently bigger budget. If Tove Lo and Julia Michaels can do it, so can she.
  10. Love the video. Tastefully understated. Casanova is in my top 5 of the year.
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  11. CollXtion II is officially in my top 3 albums of 2017 along MUNA and Tove Lo ones.
  12. This!

    She probably spent like 5 dollars on this and it looks stunning.
    I can't wait for the next drag video though. Bible Girl's was cute.

    Wasn't she dropping CollXtion III soon?
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  13. "Casanova fucked me over" is legit one of the best pop hooks in years.
  14. What a lovely video. She looks rad in the yellow.
  15. I'm happy she did a video for the remix but that's all they could do with google money??
  16. It's one of those hooks and lines that stick with you. The stuff of pop writing dreams.
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  17. Yeah, her music deserves more recognition and push behind it because it's just so good. But I suppose if she remains sort of on the fringe between popular internet artist and mainstream artist, it won't be all that bad. But i'd love to see her creativity be able to burst through in some performance art pieces in the vein of early Gaga because I think she could really wow a lot of people if given money from a label to do it.
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  18. I heard "Paper Love" on the radio today so at least there's that.
  19. #CanCon
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