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Allie X - 'CollXtion III' (New Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Yeah, for what it's worth, Paper Love is like Top 25 on Canadian Pop Radio.
  2. Queen of Canada
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  4. Will it chart...
  5. She posted a tiny snippet on her Instagram story and it sounds eXcellent as always.
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  6. New remix of Lifted!
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  7. Rediscovered this recently and the whole thing has me feeling very... X.
  8. Okay, now where's Vintage (Remix) feat. Troye Sivan?
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  9. I'd rather Lifted (Remix) [feat. Tove Styrke] or Simon Says (Remix) [feat. Lana Del Rey].
  10. Funnily enough I’ve been listening to Lifted loads recently.
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  11. Lifted is the best song on II.
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  13. It's actually Need You.
  14. Hottest take: it’s all brilliant.
  15. Need You is one of her finest songs, and definitely one of the best on II.

    But Vintage is my personal fav, hands down.
  16. That’s So Us is that bop (the single version is better though)
  17. Dddd this is my first time in the thread since I started really stanning and of course I see you spilling this tea.
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  18. This is weird and I feel itchy.
  19. The whole EP is literally amazing from start to finish. She's such an underrated talent, and songwriter in general. I'm so in love with her way with words.

    I wish she would be bigger already.
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