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'Amazing' Quotes etc.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by dmc, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Straight, white men are protected enough outside of this place, I don't need to feel sorry for them here.

  2. This is so wrong. The opposite of what equality stands for. But I guess it's easier to vent your narrow minded views behind a computer screen for PJ likes. I guess we all get validation in different ways.
  3. I guess your validation comes from trying your hardest to play devil's advocate even when it's not needed.
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  4. Dddd is it not quite obvious we're being slightly facetious when we say these things. It's nice to have an outlet to make melodramatic statements when we have to suffer white hetero nonsense the other 99.9% of the time.

    Plus, if the goal is equality meaning parity between every type of individual, then some historical biases still need to be corrected by overcompensating for their cumulative effects. Why do you think positive discrimination sometimes exists over and above equality of opportunity?
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  5. Me bopping to my hate of white heterosexual men

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  6. When you say slightly facetious, it actually comes across, in the best case scenario, as jumping on the bandwagon of whatever fights against the system is happening at the moment. And in the worst case, just stupid and contradicting to what said movement is trying to achieve.

    I never said that white privilege doesn't exist but that does not mean that is ok to completely drag every white male pop artists on this forum because what they are, white male.

    This is like saying certain religious groups have the right to attack Christians because of what one may say is the equivalent of 'christian privilege'. Or whatever else is that create division between different groups.

    But as I said, by all mean, continue to express your views through Real Housewives memes dragging whatever white men by just being that.
  7. R92


    I’m so glad 2018 is giving me All (White Straight) Men Must Die 2: Reverse Racism Boogaloo.
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  8. I mean...

    Christianity is inherently linked to patriarchy and white supremacy, so.
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  9. We mostly drag them because they are largely poor artists who get away with being artistically bankrupt because they are straight white men.

  10. I mean, would you listen to yourself?
    ....Because clearly we are all 'just jumping on a groupthink bandwagon' when inequality and privilege are huge forces of domination and oppression of marginalized groups. Just jumping on the bandwagon fer a few likes though!!1

    We have every right to be facetious and extra on a pop music forum where we discuss with people on our level about the things that matter to us.
    Levity and memery are ways for us to cope with very serious problems, and sorry that's such an offensive thought to you!

    Its outrageous white men get away with doing the bare minimum, and that's why we say what we say.
  11. I think we pretty fairly drag artists based on the quality of their music. Where's the dragging of Troye Sivan? I feel like whiteness is only included when it's clearly a factor that has led to an artist's undue prominence. Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran deserve to be lambasted for producing trash music, and they've almost certainly been boosted in the industry because of their skin tone.

    Whether you like it or not, our skin colour has connotations beyond merely ourselves. That's simply a result of what's happened in the past.

    Plus, Christianity and pretty much all organised religion is kinda gross.
  12. What Christians do on their forums is not my business. But I’m on a gay ass forum and I’m gonna be gay as hell. If that means upsetting some salty straight white people and their allies, so be it.
  13. Honestly... This is so offensive but whatever...
  14. I'm going to take your failure to engage as evidence of my beautifully worded and convincing argument.

    Au revoir!
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Saving this amazing quote here for posterity
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  16. ...Religion is actually disgusting and countless have used it's name as vindication to kill countless generations of humans in various different guises and forms, it's actually pretty gross, historically, but I digress.

    This is not the kind of forum to be defending something that doesn't belong, this is a liberal and progressive forum and the owner tries to uphold those ideals as well as they can and has made that clear before.
  17. That's what you find offensive? Oh baby.

  18. Ddddd yeah organized religion is literally just another tool of oppression with largely misogynistic and homophobic views (and that's not even touching the history of egregious acts committed by said religions), so they can rot too.
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  19. R92


    *something something Crucifussy*