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American Horror Story

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Someboy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. His current productions stay where they are, just like Shonda's did when she left ABC for Netflix.
  2. Just finished Cult...
  3. American Horror Story: Radioactive has been trademarked.
  4. Starring Sarah Paulson as Marina Diamandis.
  5. Rita Ora as leading lady.
  6. it's not the worst season.... its like the second worse.
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  7. I just gave up on the Versace Crime season after 3 episodes.
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  8. Kathy Bates is returning as co-lead with Sarah & Evan for season 8.
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  9. Poltergeists then, or evil X-Men, or (please be, although they shit me up) aliens?!
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  10. Just finished Roanoke and I surprisingly loved (I gave up on hope of "good TV" from AHS many years ago and now "compulsively garish" is all I demand)

    My definitive ranking...

    1) Asylum
    2) Hotel
    3) Murder House

    4) Coven

    5) Roanoke

    666) Freakshow
  11. 1) Asylum
    2) Coven
    3) Freak Show
    4) Roanoke
    5) Murder House

    6) Hotel
    Hell's pit

    a pile of Satan's excrement
    7) Cult
  12. 1. Coven
    2. Asylum
    3. Murder House
    4. Roanoke
    5. Freak Show
    6. Hotel

    2209378734. Cult
  13. kal


    1. Asylum
    2. Freakshow
    3. Hotel
    4. Coven
    5. Murder House
    6. Cult

    9999999. Roanoke
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  14. I enjoyed Cult overall, but it seemed more of a psychological drama than a horror show.
  15. He's eyeing Anjelica Huston as well.
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  16. BTG


    Angelica Huston's guest stint on Medium was a series high for that show, I fear she'll be joining AHS as it continues its' slide downward.
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  17. Why do I feel like adding Joan and Anjelica is probably going to change the theme of the new season... like how S5 was supposed to be Civil War with Jessica Lange until they signed Gaga and changed it to Hotel
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  18. He usually has a few ideas going. I think S5 changed because Lange wouldn't come back. It sounds like this season has been locked for a while since he booked Kathy Bates as the lead a while back. I'm interested to see what he'll do with Joan, though.
  19. Kathy as the lead?

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