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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I'm laughing about the trip.
    Honestly I totally relate. Well, I don't do anything that puts me in such a position, but just imagining it makes me a bit queasy.
  2. Made a huge speech about how I tried to cancel my flight but tickets were non refundable and everything. Such a mess.
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  3. Did you need Xanax for it then? See, you got this!
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  4. Speech via email sis.
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  5. I'm prone to anger lately - not in an explosive or confrontational way, but if things don't work for me I throw down and exit. Today the self-scan at the store was unresponsive then suddenly decided I'd entered 11 of one thing. Naturally there was a huge line of people waiting, but couldn't deal with having to be the pleb waiting for the attendant, so just growled 'fuck it' and walked out, leaving my stuff on the scale. Dick move, for sure, and I felt bad 30 seconds later, but for some reason I can't stand to have to wait for assistance. Ten minutes later the drinks machine at work did nothing, but instead of work out why (it wasn't turned on at the mains), I swore at it, tossed my mug back in the cupboard and stomped off. I'm not sure what's going on.
  6. I have an Ativan prescription, which I think is similar? I’ve only used it twice because it’s an as needed thing. Some things I’ve noticed - mine works quickly but it lasts a short time (as it’s only meant to get you through a very intense spike in anxiety). It lowered my level of emotional distress and had a sedating effect. Interestingly, the idea that I could take Ativan if I needed is usually enough for me. And that’s what my pyschiatrist intended when he prescribed it. There is of course the possibility of habit forming, although that hasn’t happened to me. But it can happen.

    I’ve never taken it as a “practice” run though. Obviously I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think benzos are meant to be taken unless you’re actively experiencing a high level of anxious distress. I personally wouldn’t recommend taking it as a test run or without doctor’s advice.
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  7. I would strongly discourage anyone from taking Xanax or other benzos without a healthcare provider's prescription intended for you.

    Like @ohnostalgia mentioned, benzodiazepine class drugs like Xanax (alprazolam) and Ativan (lorazepam) are relatively short-acting and can be helpful for situational anxiety. They're usually prescribed sparingly - like 5-10 pills at a time - to encourage appropriate usage/discourage dependency. They aren't intended to be taken regularly and can have some dangerous, even lethal, effects if taken with alcohol or other drugs that impact their metabolism. Someone upthread mentioned bad withdrawal symptoms with long-term use. They shouldn't be taken long-term enough to induce dependence and thus withdrawal.

    There are also other options - in addition to or instead of drugs like Xanax - that can be helpful with situational anxiety. Things like meditation (as a daily practice - there's a lot of great phone apps), cognitive behavioral therapy, positive visualization, making sure to take care of yourself before, during, and after an anticipated anxiety-producing event, etc. - basically anything that helps you develop healthy coping strategies that make the stress-inducing experiences less scary/more manageable.
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  8. This is helpful. I have coworkers that are prescribed and take "as needed" for situations like this upcoming presentation. One of them offered me one or two of his because we've become friends and he is well aware of my anxiety with public speaking. Of course it may not be the healthy approach, but I am genuinely unable to make it through a sentence without feeling like I'm on fire and going to be sick in situations like this. I've had two pretty horrible experiences that have stuck with me since my college presentation days. This is my job, something I take very seriously, and I don't think I'll be able to play it off as "nervous new guy!" like I may have in the past. This specific meeting involves... literally showing value in our work and efforts. I'm so terrified if I botch this I will prove the exact opposite.

    As for the habit forming point, as silly as it sounds, I think if I am able to do a good job on this presentation, I will feel so much more comfortable moving forward regardless of the fact that I had pharmaceutical help. This being my first "big" one in this department will be a huge hurdle to overcome.
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  9. This may not be a good immediate solution, but if these public speaking situations keep arising in the context of your job, it might be good to try a more permanent fix. Things like therapy, or even joining a local Toastmasters club, which is a supportive environment to help people overcome their fears of public speaking/improve their speaking abilities. Or you could see your own healthcare provider and explain how you're feeling and see what he or she recommends.
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  10. Does anyone here have any experience with their aniety being linked to stomach issues / heartburn / hiatal hernias? I've been having some episodes of really hard hitting panic attacks, and they coincide with me having stomach pains and what I believe now to be some sort of herniaissue...
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  11. I'm currently on quite an arduous and so far unsuccessful job search, and the whole process has really made my anxiety flare up quite badly. Today has been the worst day for my anxiety in quite a while since my housemate/good friend just got offered a really fantastic new job, and will now be moving away.

    I can't help but negatively compare myself to him, and compounded with the sudden need to find a new housemate I've really had a tough time not being extremely hard and cruel on myself.
  12. If you compare yourself to other people you’ll always look at someone who is more successful and beat yourself up! You seem great on here and I’m sure there’s going to be something out there for you - don’t beat yourself up about it so much.
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  13. Okay never to a hernia, but yes. There’s a lot of info about how anxiety manifests physically and stomach problems are certainly one of the major ones.
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  14. Yeah my anxiety has been known to make me stomach sick for days sometimes. Not to mention the loss of appetite. Without getting too graphic,
    it tends to give me substantial... toilet time.
  15. The complete flooding of my apartment with water and mud yesterday--saturating/destroying many precious things of mine--has me idling at a level anxiety that's extremely uncomfortable.
    My landlord's did a lot to help clean the space but are now leaving me to deal with a garage full of muddy soaked belongings while they resume their lives. I'm very overwhelmed.
  16. I've been diagnosed with ADD-H today. I don't know why I never even heard of this disorder in my 30 years before. But, it all makes a lot of sense now. looking back on my life. Such an a-ha moment. I lived in guilt and self hate for so long. Like, why can';t I just function normal. My families response today was: ''You don't have that'' K thanks guys.
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  17. Is ADD-H the same as ADHD?

  18. Still me on life.
  19. How are you coping with the aftermath of your apartment flooding?
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  20. Every day it gets better. People in the community had it a lot worse than I did. I'm back in my home. The setback financially (the losses) are upsetting but mostly I'm just coming down from the adrenaline rush/anxiety of the whole incident. My body hurts. But life feels more normal day by day, thank you for asking.
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