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Are You Rate Up: Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate ~Episode II~ (2 WEEKS)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. A definite 10 and possible 11 contender:

    Anyone disagreeing is faker than that body double running around like a drunken Sailor V!

    I have too many 11 contenders. I'm actually having to narrow them down by my thoughts on the album their on as a whole. This parts harder than I was expecting.
  2. The way (miss)understood as a whole just keeps growing on me with every listen >>>>
    It's kind of kept me from progressing with Secret's scores dd
  3. Didn't bother with My Story til now. It's more solid than expected! My name's women and walking proud are classics.
  4. And About You is probably in her Top3 rock songs.
  5. Kumi's little sister misono impersonating Ayu.
  6. I feel stupid for largely ignoring her discography from "(miss)understood" to "Love songs". I've found so many gems thanks to this rate.

  7. [​IMG]

    Rock'n'Roll Circus

    Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ | You were... / BALLAD

    You ever have that period where you're obsessed with British culture? @Island Welcome to Ayu's. I'm guessing it was around the time of recording this that Timmy managed to snake himself into Ayu's life and become her gay. Do I sound jealous? Because I absolutely am. When I first got into Ayu, this was my least favourite album out of her discography. Over the years, however, it's grown on me. Her more recent albums have certainly helped this one shine a bit more. It can be a bit of a chore to get through but there's certainly some gems within the tracklist, containing at least one 11 contender for me.

    I guess the Brit gig made enough of an impact, as she achieved #1 yet again on the Oricon charts and Kuu even ripped off the concept the next year. Dejavu indeed.

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  8. Are Sunrise/Sunset really as bad as the rumors say? Nearly done with Secret btw and planning to move on to Rock'n'Roll
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  9. They're no bad, just kinda there. Not really sure why they were made into a double a-side single.

    Secret was a chore to get through.
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  10. Well, Rock 'n' Roll Circus has Don't Look Back and Sexy little things as clear highlights, while countdown, Last Link and meaning of Love are unimaginative, but still quite great Ayu tracks. And when it comes to singles, I believe Sunrise is fun and You were... is a nice ballad.
  11. They are quite meh.
    Sunset works better than Sunrise. And the production in the latter is baffling.

    The worst of that single was the picture she decided to plaster it with:

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  12. Rock'n'Roll Circus is the only Ayu album I physically own and I loved it (I still do) but then Love songs was released and I really wished I had waited and bought that instead ... regret ...
  13. No, you're good.
    RnRC was basically the last album where she put some effort in.
    I'm still horrified by the memory of that Last Angel PV.
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  14. You are not good unless you accept Love songs into your life, please and thank you.
  15. MOON, do it again and Virgin Road I'll take.
    The rest can burn.

  16. Oh thank you for the support ... I can't agree with you on Love songs tho, the only songs I don't like on it are Thank U and Sweet Season! But I actually do still really like most of the songs on Rock'n'Roll Circus too, it is a good album. Maybe I can start to heal.
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  17. Love songs is amazing from start to finish and that's how it is.

    Let me wave goodbye to all other flopinions.

  18. It's the best album by Ayima Yamashaki.