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Are You Rate Up: Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate ~Episode II~ (2 WEEKS)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Do you want me to be extra with my commentary, boo? I could try.
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  2. I just want you to be yourself!

    So yes.
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  3. You always know what to say!
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  4. I wrote this after a day of mimosas. It's kind of cringeworthy but I'm too lazy to rewrite it ddd


    Love songs

    MOON / blossom | crossroad | L

    Here we are guys, the main event. This is my favourite Ayumi album and absolutely solidified within my top 5 favourite albums of all time. Sonically and aesthetically, it's everything I've ever wanted from an album. It always reminds me of Lake Kilma from Legend of Mana, which in turn reminds me of that lake episode of Cardcaptor Sakura. Love songs perfectly captivates that wistful beauty of the wild, uncharted terrain that is love. I'm a daydreamer, but who among us isn't? When I listen to this album, I can escape and daydream of that elusive, sweeping romance that I have yet to experience. This album is the very essence of love, both highs and lows, interwoven throughout the production and Ayumi's vocal delivery. As we can see from Ayumi's life, she doesn't have the best luck when it comes to love and I feel she's presented those struggles with this album. There's a certain longing in her voice and, as someone who still longs for love, I find comfort in that. I can listen to this album and live out that relationship I so longingly crave. I'm so passionately in love with this album and I'm so pleased to see the majority of you at least respect it as a solid body of work. Ayumi had long been past her commercial (and perhaps creative) peak by the time Love songs rolled around, but I feel, for at least one album, the stars aligned and granted her a spark for at least one last shining moment. She may not be what she was, but this album stands as proof that perhaps, someday, she can recreate the magic and put out another brilliant album.

    Commercially, Love songs hit #1 and sold respectably. I feel this was really the end of her "empirical phase" in a sense, with FIVE acting as a bridge between eras. After this, it seems like her music career took a backseat to her personal life, to no fault of Ayumi's of course. I made this rate a tad more inflated to make sure it was included in this part because, while it probably would've annihilated the competition in part 3, it really deserves to be included among her more successful eras.

    sendy's Selected Remixes

    MOON | Virgin Road
    (Last angel is criminally under remixed fix it @avex)

    We have one more summary before the deadline April 1st! I hope you're all working on your scores!​
  5. Eaux this description definitely makes me intrigued by the album
    Just finished Circus and it was definitely the most inconsistent of the 4 albums by far, it has very distinctive gems and equally distinctive trash
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  6. Love songs is her best album of all time followed by Loveppears. These are the facts.
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  7. I remember not finding the singles for Love songs to my liking at all and I was really frustrated with it. When the album came out, I didn't even listen to it properly. Thank fuck I made myself return to it after a while because, like @send photo said, it it one of her most consistant bodies of work. It might not be my favorite of hers, but it is a very good pop album.

    I'm still amazed by the mountain range reflecting in her eyes in the covers. Stunning.
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  8. I'd forgotten what her version of "Happening Here" sounded like. That was a choice.
  9. Wow, I never noticed this!

    Finished rating Next Level so onto Rock n Roll Circus next. Love Songs is one of my favourite Ayumi albums too, along with (miss)understood which is my favourite.

    Following Urata's drunken tweets standing up for Ayumi (what for I'm not sure? Just general comments she gets in the press?), I think this needs to be worked into a thread title:

  10. I'll do a second listen-through, write some commentary and finalize & send my scores for this part sometime this week. Is it still a thing that we can retroactively send in scores for part 1 if we missed it?
  11. Yes! I've gotten one set so far, and they aren't due until the end of part 3 so you have... months to say the least. No rush.
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  12. Excellent, thanks!
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  13. I'm definitely looking forward to discovering the first part of her discography too! I skimmed through the pt. I thread and it was messy to see her debut album be so disliked, is it really that inferior?
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  14. I'm not sure if you're referring to Nothing From Nothing or A Song for ×× but either way, they do both feel pretty dated now and while for me that's not a downside, for some people I guess it is. People also seem to have issues with the high pitch of her voice in the early days.
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  15. I've basically rated all the songs, now to muster up some commentary for the ones that didn't really provoke any thoughts in me and I'm done.
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