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Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. I danced with a poster so y'all might have seen me. I was with my backing vox and backup dancers.

    now I read this again. I mean I danced with a poster in my hand. I did not dance with a poster from the forum, or did I? I flirted with 3 girls yay.
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  2. Is the start time for this 8pm after the support acts? If so I'm cutting it fine because I have to work until 7 unexpectedly and I'm worried an Arinator's going to take my seat. Should it be okay? I've never gone so late to a concert before.
  3. I drunk bought a ticket to this last night. No regrets.
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  4. Getting my wig fitted tonight... only 2 more days. I'm ALIVE.
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  5. My cousin just invited me to see the show next week, floor seats just off the catwalk. My body is not ready!

    Also, who's the support act?
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  6. Victoria Monet/BIA (girl group I think?)
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  7. I don't know her / them but thanks!
  8. BIA is a girl.

    Victoria has this banger
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  9. LP


    Do we have an ETA for Ari ?
  10. I skipped Victoria's little 10 minute set and don't regret it
  11. Rob


    Wondering this as well. Is there a support act for Dublin?
  12. Got a last minute standing ticket for Dublin on Saturday! Buzzing like a wee bee for it - I'm going alone so if anyone would like some company let me know!
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  13. She started at 21:00 in Amsterdam, I guess it'll be the same. We also had Victoria Monet and BIA as openers. Isn't BIA a band though? There's a DJ too.
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  14. No, she's just a rapper.
  15. Rebellion!!
  16. It appears she has new looks?
  17. Queen of new looks
  18. How much merchandise is acceptable to buy? Seriously considering spending my whole month's pay but at the same time I don't know?
  19. I've felt the same but when there half of it looks shit. Also I never wear them. I use the mugs a lot though and the posters. I think $100-200 is a good limit?
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