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Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. What her lead single could sound like should be interesting. How is she going to update her sound?

  2. oh wow thats awesome
  3. Ariana GrHot 100 #1ande is coming gerls
  4. "I'm gonna work with Pharrell, he's made so much good music the past decade"

  5. @Sanctuary @Laura Vanderbooben

    Is Scooter at least staying far far away from the production process? Because I was under the impression that most of Dangereux Womyn was recorded after she kicked him to the curb, and considering the gulf in quality between the album material and Focus I thought it was a good thing (and I say this as a Focus stan...)

    Ms Braun can hustle up the promo as long as he keeps his fingers off the music.
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  6. Doubt Scooter has much of a say when it comes to the actual album. I'd guess he'd push to add a certified smash or two just to be safe - which is win - win for us.
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  7. Into You 2.0 please
  8. He doesn't seem to be involved in the music. All that's been described, as far as their working relationship, is that it's more of a contractual thing? Possibly? He didn't serve as an Executive Producer on Dangerous Woman despite serving as such on her first two albums.
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  9. Executive produced by Max Martin surely?
  10. 10 songs... Pharrell...

    This is homophobic.
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  11. All in for a round 10 song tracklist. As for Pharrell, I don't think the situation's that bad... imagine if she was working with the Chainsmokers.
  12. I wish Pharrell were still working with Chad Hugo. I mean...

    so good.
  13. I'm not concerned about the music, even with Pharrell on board. The quality control with the last album was so good that I trust them to get it right again. Any hesitancy I have has more to do with visuals and it not feeling like she's given up on the era by the second single. Remember the ""big tv event"" that made her contractually unable to perform Into You on tv or whatever it was?
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  14. It was probably one of her Victorious cast reunions that she decided to tell a teeny tiny white lie about.
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  15. Probably a Harry Potter marathon on Freeform.
  16. I'm sort of expecting that Pharrell's work will be slotted into the "Tommy Brown half" of the album, if the half-grooves/half-bangers ratio of her previous albums are any indication.
  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I'm not ready for this album to receive the blockbuster campaign that Dangerous Woman deserved (and maybe being potentially worse too).
  18. Can't believe they forgot this iconic bop! Sad.
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  19. Pharrell can still get it right on occasion.