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Australia votes YES

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by berserkboi, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:47 PM.

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  2. AXW


    Was looking for a thread about this.

    Literally cried this morning. About time!
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  3. Fantastic news! I know the decision around the vote wasn't a popular one and Malcom Turnball hasn't come out of this well, but following the result of this he has called on parliament to act on this and get a law passed by Christmas.
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  4. It's a good day to be gay down here.
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  5. That's great.

    It still needs to happen though. All of the horrific things I read about it didn't make it seem like it actually was going to so I'm not sure.
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  6. It'll happen. The momentum behind the movement now - not to mention the significant majority who voted in favour - means even the most steadfast of politicians won't have a leg to stand on. There'll still be naysayers, sure, but their arguments and indignation are all but redundant now.
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  7. But those ads! In this day and age. Just....shudder.
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  8. Congrats Australia!
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  9. A great day. Well done Aussies.
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