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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (FIN)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Sis when @BEST FICTION was giving me a sampler of the songs almost every video he showed me had her wearing a wedding dress. I actually kept a tally of it while rating the songs but it got so convoluted with all the dresses that were teetering on the edge of being a wedding dress or a white formal dress etc. There was like ~20 dresses that could be considered a wedding dress.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Oh okay so I'm pretty much just going to be sad about every other elimination now. Cool.
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  4. HAHA! That part of the PV is so weird. I think Walking Proud has some of my favourite Ayu lyrics. I also love the PV and her vocals at the end. Such a good Ayu ballad.

    And I know I'm going a few pages back here but I'd never heard of Army of Lovers and Crucified before but WOW how did Geo get away with that?! One of my favourite parts of Pride is the "listen" part which actually took me a good few years to notice!
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  5. Wow.
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  6. [​IMG]



    10 @vague @yuuurei @digitalkaiser @junglefish @EachSmallStep @Weslicious @send photo
    7 @soratami @ThisIsRogue

    Holy fuck, this song goes hard. This could honestly wrestle it out with Moments to be my favourite song on MY STORY, and very well could've wrestled for my 11. Just an absolute surge of energy straight out of the gate; put me in a fighting mood queen. She serves avex exactly what they deserve, which is a complete and utter scalping for the way they treated her for years. It's great to see artists get to the point where they can blatantly dig into their labels without repercussion, and Ayu essentially owned avex back in her heyday. That's why I love MY STORY so much; because it's a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of the music industry that Ayu had to navigate for so many years, and GAME is her unleashing a firestorm of anger at full throttle.

    otenkiame gets whiplash but isn't complaining, "Nostalgic track. Ayumi doing this heavier/darker rock image is the Ayumi I live for. And I especially like the juxtaposition of the soft opening and the rest of the song." It seems I stole evilsin's shine, "The sprinkles of electronica here and there make this a standout. I remember people going apeshit about this when it was released and I do love this, although the shine did come off a little, hence the score." More for me and TABOO, "Magnificent! The delivery of the last verse always get me feeling some kind of way."

    Cutlery feels the energy, "The glitchy electronic work and the vocal filter team up in this track to work out quite well, and it’s definitely a passionate number lyrically," while eliminathan is feeling something else, "Little miss dildo fingers is feeling his fantasy. There's a lot of times in the song where it's just instrumental and the instrumental is painful during those parts especially. No complaints in terms of her singing though." It builds quite nicely for EachSmallStep, "Love that it starts off as if it may be an emotional ballad. Ends up being brash rock-pop that builds to an amazing melody change."

    We've got some 10s to take us down memory lane and first up is vague, "oh, gosh, BOUNCEBACK wrote+produced so many of the bops that really got me into jpop back in the mid-'00s, and this might be my absolute fave thing they've ever done. that twinkly fake-out opening dissolving into that amazing rocky interlude is such a moment! man, i love this." Taking us to the end of the lane is digitalkaiser, "This was one of the first few Ayumi songs I had heard back in the day, I was instantly entranced by her star power in the video. This bring back a lot of beautiful memories. I had to work backwards and forwards from the middle for Ayu. Love the glitchy rock opera realness."

  7. I'm shocked. Easily one of her best rock tracks and it didn't deserve to leave this early.
  8. This one grew on me after sending in my votes, so looking back my 8 was a bit harsh for it, it rocks!
    Now Imma need Godments and INSPIRE to pull through until the top 20 at least
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  9. Just catching up and the only song I'm really sad to see go was 'rainy day'. It deserved to be in the top 30.
  10. Oh hey y'all. @send photo told me to drop by and build some hype for Part 2 of my Namie rate, which should be opening some time next week. Us J-Rate hosts gotta stick together! Don't judge me for using the same Vidal Sassoon Showgirl ad, I'm just obsessed with it...


    Sexy little things


    10 @BEST FICTION @One Stop Candy Shop @evilsin @Cutlery @ohnostalgia @TABOO @soratami @aaronhansome @Animalia
    4 @Weslicious 5 @vague

    Anyone who didn't give this a 10 is NOT a sexy little thing. Y'all are UGLY. This is one of the strangest, most amazing songs in Ayumi's discography. I don't wanna give the song & it's music video too much credit, but it sorta single-handedly CREATED LADY GAGA! A song about how men think they know what's going on in girl's heads? Destroying gender norms? How many artists you know that can do that while bringing us an experimental bop?
    The video is serving high fashion, haute couture cookiness with a dash of Ayumi's patented random white people, a callback to another Rock N Roll Circus bop (Microphone), a lil bit of blackface, some animal cruelty and a sprinkle of disregard for human life, what more could you want?

    Our host, send photo, has a long way to go before he learns to love Rock N Roll Circus, but has a soft spot for this song, "Sometimes this song is the most fucking annoying thing in the world, but most of the time it's an absolute masterpiece in all its bonkers glory. It more than certainly deserves its top 3 placement on R'n'RC." ThisIsRogue loves a bit of experimentation, "Another quirky toe tapper. I love Ayu trying things outside of her niche." Maybe the song is too ahead of it's time for vague, "this is kind of obnoxious, but i don't, like, totally hate it. idk, it's a weird one."

    TABOO stans for feminism queen, Ayumi, "Representative of the “Circus” side of the album title. I absolutely love every second of this track. It’s wacky and effortlessly wonderful in its 8-bit glory. Continue to tear those selfish men to shreds, Queen." eliminathan knows that fashion is a lifestyle, it's a freedom of expression, you have to live it, you have to love it, you have to breathe it, life's all about sexy little things, "The looks in the video that Ayumi is serving are fantastic. The song is bizarre but in a good way. Not a fan of the way the song ends."

    Otenkiame is feeling his Super Nintendo fantasy, "I'm a big fan of the 8-bit sounds in songs, so I was so happy to hear them! And damn, love the way she sings, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the bit between first chorus and second verse. Just an intriguing and fun track with even swing influences!" Cutlery is also a fan of the video game soundtrack-esque sounds, "I'm living for all the 8-bit and cartoonish samples and vocal filters! The sarcastic, witty remarks about female fragility stereotypes in the choruses certainly have me snatched, and I appreciate how freeform the structure of the song feels."

    And I'm going to hold evilsin to this, "I fucking adore this ditzy ditty with all my heart. The PV only added to that crazy mixture of sounds that bring me so much joy. The day will come when I finally record my versions of this and Don't Look Back, mark my word." Don't make a promise you can't keep!

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  11. Ugh, the ending of GAME is so amazing, should've given it a 9.
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  12. DEAD. Also, I don't think you'd want to hear me sing, I'm not good... although I can PM you some if you really want...
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  13. There goes my first 10.
    I said this earlier but I only gave 10s to the songs that I considered for my 11, so ... this hurts. I love love love everything about GAME, from the music to the lyrics to the composition to the vocal performance ... it's perfect. The final three lines are heart-wrenching and I like that the song ends abruptly without winding down from its intensity. The overall emotional tone is one of Ayu's darkest imo, touching on themes of dependence and loss of control, trying not to care about something that's hurting you and knowing that you still want it - themes that would resurface significantly years later in Microphone. I've learned that some of y'all aren't too into the harder rock sound so I figured this would go earlier, so good for it for making it this far, I guess. But I definitely think it deserved better.

    Anyway, after that I can't really be that sad about Sexy little things although I do like it quite a bit. Its take on feminism is a little more murky than my name's WOMEN's but it's still decently carrying the message of "hey, women are complex, appreciate it asshole". Ayu uses her cutesy voice but in this song it comes across as slightly ominous lol. I haven't watched the video in a long time and @BEST FICTION's description isn't doing much to make me want to change that, but I remember it generating a lot of talk back in the day.

    Well I've rambled on like I know what I'm talking about long enough. That gif at the end of the post though ... that is really something! I sure can't wait to see the words amniotic fluid 400 times again when the Kumi rate gets going.
  14. I sure can wait and would appreciate people refrain from overusing it.

    Who am I kidding? Of course it's going to be a mess.
  15. [​IMG]
    Oh well, we love a DIVISIVE masterpiece and the fact nearly half of the voters gave it a 10, not every song has that
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  16. [​IMG]



    11 @Animalia 10 @Cutlery @TABOO @soratami @One Stop Candy Shop
    6 @digitalkaiser @vikeyeol

    Wheeww, it's been ages since we saw FIVE take a hit, and it's a well-deserved break as progress is one of the two tracks to take away from this mini. It takes a page out of Mirrorcle World's book, starting out slow before diving head-first into a barrage of heavy rock production. I'm here for everytime Ayu employs this arrangement for a song. The main reason she pulled out the sweeping epic aesthetics was because this soundtracked an iconic JRPG, Tales of Xillia, and we all know you need to pull out the theatrics to keep up with JRPGs. It was even what inspired Animalia to vote in the rate, shame it fell just before the top 30.

    The word on everyone's mouth is 'Oh!', as Tammie Brown was in the video. One Stop Candy Shop of course noticed, "Tammie Brown anthem," and so did eliminathan, "Google earth camera spotted Tammie Brown walking children in nature." evilsin flexes his Phoenix University degree, "The chorus is strong with this one, but I can't shake off the feeling of hearing this 10 times before in Ayu's repertoire. She's a linguistics major, did you know? And by her, I mean me." More like linguine major.

    Cutlery adds, "The 180° turn that this amazing track takes toward the 2 min mark has several albums in this rate SHOOK! That part in which the guitars and strings go nuts during the instrumental break is also A+, and the best thing is how it all ties in with Ms. Hamasaki’s doubtful reflecting on the pain of the past and the hope for the future," and vague probably isn't a fan of Regigigas' Slow Start ability, "hm, well, it's pretty good when the beat finally kicks in at the 2:00 mark. the ad-libs at the end are pretty nice." otenkiame agrees, "Pretty sure this is a game song or something? Sure as hell sounds like one. It's a great song, though more so for the the exciting rock track it becomes more so than the "ballad" beginning." RUNAWAY can answer that video game question for you too, "I really love this mini album. This song brings back so many memories of Tales of Xillia. I really love that game too~" while TABOO delivers the final blow of commentary, "The opener to FIVE definitely feels epic and grandiose. I adore how progress continues to build upon itself right up until the final iteration of the chorus. A truly phenomenal piece."

  17. Not my two favourites. Not like this.

  18. Would my 11 have saved progress?
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  19. Me losing two 10's back to back
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  20. Come here and choke on my linguine then.
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