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Ayumi Hamasaki Discography Rate: Part 2 (Finale Tomorrow @ 10am PST)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by send photo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Virgin Road


    10 @RUNAWAY @vague @EachSmallStep @One Stop Candy Shop @send photo
    6 @vikeyeol 7 @Cutlery 7.5 @evilsin @Animalia

    Siiiiiiigh, I wish this could've gone at least a little bit farther but I can learn to deal. People like to bag on this one because it's 'the ballad' of the album, but it really is such a special song; it's about her fans. That's us (well, most of us). It was her 50th single, not only marking her half-centurian mark for singles, but also for breaking Seiko's second record for most consecutive #1 singles with 25. Her petty ass all but quit releasing singles for a while after breaking said record, kii. And lyrically the song is all that you'd expect from such a monumental occasion, which is equally put on display with the extravagant PV that no doubt ate up the entire budget for Love songs judging by the other videos. Her delivery is exceptionally touching, tinged with just a hint of sadness that she's so expertly talented at doing. Just... such a wonderful gem.

    eliminathan's wallet weeps as he watches the PV, "Ayumi loves throwing her money around, she ruined so many wedding dresses," but it was money well wasted for One Stop Candy Shop, "Excellent video. Cinematic!" And it looks like I won't be visiting evilsin's Virgin Road, "Ooh, this is a hard one. I really want to love this, but it leaves me only lukewarm usually. I believe it's beautiful, but the verses don't match the chorus, which would've been stunning has it been made even bigger by the end. The lyrics are cute, but... confusing? I didn't get when she lost the guy from the first half and met the guy from the second." The only thing that doesn't match is your commentary, beast. Even your part 2 winning song TABOO gushed, "A worthy release as her 50th single, and a worthy successor to A Song for xx. Lyrically complex, there is just so much to appreciate and unpack. A gorgeous song, in every sense of the word." And even Cutlery's heart can warm up to this, "A sappy ballad with pretty orchestration and a wedding organ outro? I moderately use."

    The restraint works well for otenkiame, "A gorgeous and touching ballad. The choruses don't sound super bombastic, yet they get dramatic enough anyway." And Ayu's delivery wasn't lost on vague, "even tho the lyrics are mostly sweet and happy, there's still an undercurrent of melancholy to the song, and that's something i really connect with ddd. it's something i appreciate about ayu's music, in general, i think." And it's time I RUNAWAY into the sunset with my fellow Love songs stan, "I’m on the verge of tears every time I listen to this song. The video is gorgeous and just enhances the feeling of the song. Her lyricism shines so brightly with this song. And her voice has never sounded more vulnerable, which enhances the song even more."

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  2. TOP 30




    Bold & Delicious
    STEP you
    Ladies Night
    is this LOVE?


    kiss o' kill


    talkin' 2 myself



    Rock'n'Roll Circus

    Don't look back

    Love songs

    Love song
    sending mail
    Last angel
    Like a doll
    do it again




    Mirrorcle World​
  3. I think you forgot my comment but it's fine, it didn't add much tbh

    "A sappy ballad with pretty orchestration and a wedding organ outro? I moderately use"

    I'm glad the best tracks in Love songs remain, and it's probably the album that grew on me the most since the countdown began (i.e. I'd give Love song and Last angel a 10, give November and crossroad higher ones, etc)

    (miss)understood still holding strongly at this point of the competition is very meaningful to me, hopefully it keeps on doing well!
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  4. Sorry sis, I finally sorted all the commentary out over the weekend and it was a bit glitchy to say the least. Added though!

    Edit: I found it in November ddd
  5. Virgin Road?!?! WHAT THE FUCK? I’m gonna start crying at work you guys suck so much.
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  6. Iconic independent women who don’t need other tracks to represent. I live!
  7. Oh wow.
  8. (miss)understood and Love songs did that.
    Too late for that, wah-wah-wah.
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  9. That top 30 is like...career defining back to back moments. Phew!
  10. UK No 31!

    Yes, Rainy Day - the PV and song are perfect together. (miss)understood really is her best (studio) album for ballads isn't it?

    I always love how devastating Virgin Road's chorus sounds. And the PV - apart from the cheesy end shot!

    So far my 11 is hanging on in there...
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  11. We love this rate's winner
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  12. [​IMG]

    kiss o' kill

    10 @aaronhansome @Weslicious @vague @One Stop Candy Shop @eliminathan
    5 @ThisIsRogue 7 @digitalkaiser

    kiss o' kill is what I call my Scruff hookups. Always text your friend the shifty trade's address! You know that scene at the end of OOT where you pop into Ganondorf's abode and he's just peeling away on the organ? That's what this song makes me think of. That production is aggressive. This song goes every which way and grips you along for the jolting ride. It's never been one of my personal highlights of Secret (I gave it a 7.5, the last score of mine below 8), but I definitely see what the appeal is. For anyone keeping track, I think there's 4 PV-less songs left, 3 of which are on Love songs and the other being Will.

    eliminathan starts, "I'm a sucker for breakdowns," same, "when the music halts and doesn't come back in its entirety until a while later in the chorus." ThisIsRogue showed up as lowest scorer by a considerable margin of 2 with his reasoning, "Sounds like she's lacking any sort of conviction during the verses." On the contrary, evilsin elaborates on why he loves it, "A bit on an experimental side to me. Love how unique it sounds and the lyrics. The melody in the chorus is great as well." EachSmallStep is left somewhere in the middle, "Killer instrumental breaks, but overall not as intense as I hoped with a name like that." TABOO keeps it all in upfront, "There is something so captivating and fascinating about kiss o’ kill from the enigmatic introduction to the instrumental breakdown. Once again, Ayu’s lyrics are front and centre."

    "fuck, this is good," RUNAWAY states, mouth agape. Speaking of a gape, digitalkaiser has been around the block not unlike this song, "Ya girl loves the choppy synths in this, however it blends in with similar songs that she’s done a bit better before."I should invite Cutlery to my next sacrifice, it's bring your own goat sis: "What even is happening at the beginning of the song? Serving children chanting to summon a demon. Anyway the rest of the track is haunted, glitchy, blessed by that organ and it overall conveys well Hamasaki's support of the outcast person she's singing to." otenkiame's invited too since they're into that dark shit, "Some organ realness along with delicious electronics mixed with rock. I'm always here for the darker side of Ayumi, especially when she's doing it with all these interesting sounds." And finally, there's nothing vague about this declaration, "such an effortlessly cool track. one of my all-time faves from her and THE highlight from the album."

    This time it's evilsin who's the karaoke queen
  13. [​IMG]

    I'm very happy that this made top 30 as it seemed to me it was more of a deep cut or less remembered album track to her fans, but it's nice to see I was wrong!
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  14. kiss o' kill is easily a highlight for me in this phase of her career and one of my fave album tracks from her. The organ honestly is so incredible.
  15. I've low-key been a low scorer on quite a few of these songs ddd.

    I've got 2x 6s and 4x 7s left, so that'll probably continue well into the 20s.
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  16. I want to like progress more but something about its music has always sounded weirdly muffled and overly loud at the same time to me? And it kind of takes away from Ayu's vocals. When it first came out I thought it was my earphones or the file that was the problem but it's been like that no matter where I hear it or what I listen to it on. So I don't listen to it much, even though it seems like a cool song.
    Is it really? I've always interpreted it as being directed at her mother and/or grandmother. Lines like "thank you for this life", "There were also nights when we argued and I ran out of the house crying and shouting, but in the end I know that you always understood me more than anyone else" and "I have this feeling that the person I love is somehow similar to the person you met and fell in love with back then" to me read as things Ayu might want to say to the women who raised her. The old drama of the same title also touches on single motherhood, iirc. For that reason Virgin Road is a really touching song to me, and another track I can't listen to often without getting sad. I feel like I keep saying that but I'm fucking sensitive, okay?!

    Lastly, kiss o' kill is an epic track, I love it. The only thing is that for some reason I can't ever remember what it sounds like until I'm actually listening to it? But once I do I'm like "oh right, this is amazing". The song's music might sound dark but the lyrics are very uplifting.

    Sorry for writing essays like this, I'm trying to make up for never sending in any commentary, oops.
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  17. Oh probably. I remember reading a while ago that it was about her fans but I'm not finding any results, but like "thank you for this life" could be like her life of her music career and stuff. Anyway, lemme keep pretending it's for me because I'm selfish like that.
  18. It's fine, Ayu is like a mother to us all anyway so it all works out in the end
  19. My wild guess for what's leaving next is Ladies Night, November, Don't look back & BRILLANTE
    No hate for any of these songs, I love them! It's just my intuition
    More likely than not I'm losing more 10s tho
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  20. My biggest regret in this rate is not giving Virgin Road the 10 she deserved. I made a mistake, and I’m sorry.