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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aaronhansome, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Alright @One Stop Candy Shop, I have finished my paper early, I am taking a shower and then spending two hours cranking out elims~

  2. To usher back in the eliminations, we have a tie!



    Average: 7.46

    Highest Score: @Eskiath (9.5)
    Lowest Score: @Weslicious (4)

    @me's score: 7
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 6

    This feels like it should have been in a bit longer. Arrangement-wise, this is very Typical Early Jpop Ballad for me, but the melody unfolds in a weird way I think, taking time to reveal itself, making for a more epic feel. Despite my 7, I do feel this is a "classic" for her, and I think benefited from her deeper tone as she got older.

    My consistent commentators evilsin and One Stop Candy Shop regale us with "I like the part where the beat finally comes in, gives the song a bit of power. Same goes for the key change by the end," and "Dramatic moment. Third best song off the album." I completely agree on the key change, for sure.

    Our top scorer, Eskiath, had this to say, "Hauntingly beautiful but the vocals really let it down.. Really wish it had been redone two albums later. The premium countdown live version is perfect and I'm only rating it so highly because that showed me how good it can sound."

    #56-B. poker face


    Average: 7.46

    Highest Score: @junglefish, @evilsin, @RUNAWAY (10)
    Lowest Score: @Eskiath (5)

    @me's score: 7.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 6

    MUH-MUH-MUH-MUH WHIEW? The original poker face (but far less superior) is a breezy little bop! Very "slice of life anime OP" but other than this being her avex beginnings, I find little about it terribly notable although it is very listenable.

    GhettoPrincess (6) starts us off with "GaGa ain't bothered," which, yes of course sis I doubt she knows who Ayu is but not that it matters, while evilsin gushes "Still so good to me. It was my favorite from her ealier years for quite some time." One Stop Candy Shop (7) also brings up Lord GooGoo with "It's in my top 2 of songs that are called 'poker face'.

    After this, we have, rather surprisingly, another tie so hold on while I get to just copy the same average twice, hosanna in the highest.​
  3. fun fact, avex's youtube channel has her PVs at full length but her own youtube channel is all short versions??????????? wyd sis
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  4. I'm honestly kinda pressed about these.

    #TIE! 54-A. Greatful days


    Average: 7.62

    Highest Score: @RUNAWAY and @send photo (10)
    Lowest Score: @Eskiath and @evilsin (5 wth)

    @me's score: 9
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 8

    Alright but this summer bop is being done wrong here. Such great production, a fun, effortless melody? I regret not 10-ing this. The verses are so shimmery and then those fucking production hits during the pre-chorus courtesy of HΛL, leading into that chorus. fffff it's honestly not fair, I literally was obsessed with this mini-album for forever with my favourite memory taking the physical copy I had and just...playing the shit out of it while on a vacation on my aunt and uncle's property in Augusta, Georgia which was literally one of the most beautiful places I'd been at the time. I probably should have saved that for later M.a. songs but, whatever, there's more and also what YOU the viewer said.

    Current rate villain for me evilsin (5) tells us "Try as I might, this never really clicked with me, although the middle 8 is pretty cool." while rate elimination goader One Stop Candy Shop (9) says "Greatful song is greatful. Just a fun summer bop. There's a lovely acoustic 'beach bar' performance of this from when Ayu hosted a summer talkshow in Japan. Those were the days."

    10-giver RUNAWAY brings up &, the single that gave us half of M.a. with "that triple single was LIT huh? No one does SUMMER like Ayu." I feel like some Kumi fans have issue with this but honestly, you right.

    Fun fact, I'm pretty sure members of AAA are in the PV for this?

    #54-B. Far away


    Average: 7.62

    Highest Score: ME YOU TERRIBLE PEOPLE (10)
    Lowest Score: @junglefish (5.5 gtfo)

    @me's score: 10
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 6 (sis do you hate me)

    I love this song, y'all. The weird-ass alien noises that filter through all of it, the way the melody builds to a dramatic-ass chorus. Her voice sounds fantastic. There's just so much to explore in it's arrangement and the whole thing never seems to lag for me. Anyways, lets hear what you trifling haters had to say.

    Not-trifler evilsin (9) tells us "Grand sounding production. Quite epic actually," which correct opinion. One Stop Candy Shop has cruel words but an acceptable score with (7) and "The bland one of the trilogy, but not bland enough to underscore it," while Eskiath kills the man "Tried to get into this many times but never understood the appeal."

    After this, we have, rather surprisingly, another ANOTHER tie I'M KIDDING HOLD ON.
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  5. yes

    #TIE! 52-A. Over


    Average: 7.65

    Highest Score: @lalaclairi_ (10)
    Lowest Score: @evilsin, @junglefish, @GhettoPrincess (6)

    @me's score: 7
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 7.5

    I don't have much to say other than it's rather nice. A pretty good ballad that follows the superior Heartplace. Although the final "it's over" is rather heartbreaking. As @send photo would be happy to hear, I actually read the lyrics for this one and if I had before scoring, I'd have probably scored it higher but they are rather heart-wrenching and maybe a bitsy too close to home at the moment.

    evilsin (6) lets us know "Never been really fond of this one, apart from a couple of moments," while One Stop Candy Shop (8) gives us "'It's oh-vuhr'. Nice ballad is nice," and finally, 10-giver lalaclairi_ succinctly says "That moment when she exclaims "It's over" before the chorus swells... yes."

    #TIE! 52-B. SCAR


    Average: 7.65

    Highest Score: @Eskiath (10)
    Lowest Score: @lalaclairi_, @GhettoPrincess, @Weslicious (6)

    @me's score: 8.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 6.5

    The song I always think sounds medieval? Also, kinda Greensleeves-y but not in a bad way? At this point in the night I'm pretty spent but the lyrics on this are also rather sad, which, of course, she's not a terribly peppy writer, is she? But still, rather affecting and making me want to send some late night affection but I shall HOLD OFF.

    Y'all also didn't have much to say on this one as stated here by evilsin (7) "Cute production and nice melodies. I don't have much to say about this one for some reason," while One Stop Candy Shop makes a solid observation with "A simple but gorgeous melody. It still sounds fresh, possibly because it hasn't been as overplayed as Duty's other ballads," which fair.

    Our 10-giver Eskiath precedes the performance they talk about with "As with many of my scores, I fell in love with this song after the PCDL performance."

    last tie of the night, I promise I just looked at the spreadsheet.​
  7. #51. immature


    Average: 7.69 (.nice)

    Highest Score: @RUNAWAY, @evilsin (10, also chart tea, every song eliminated now will have a 10 or 11 as you've seen for a hot sec.)
    Lowest Score: @ThisIsRogue, @GhettoPrincess (6)

    @me's score: 7.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: you saw it already it's a 6

    This lowkey pops off while still sounding melancholy which is such an Ayumi Hamasaki song trait. It's solid but melds well with the rest of the album. I like how...and this is a compliment, childish the melody can sound in the chorus.

    evilsin who gave it a 10 emotes "Such an unapologetic BAWP. Fucking gigantic hook with those slick synths," I wouldn't go with gigantic but it is good. One Stop Candy Shop (8) tells us "Best song called Immature since Björk's. The reworked version she did on Cirque De Minuit Arena Tour is a LEGEND. Disco elephant goodness," which true that one does go the fuck off and here it is.

    This is as much as I can manage right now, so enjoy and I'll do some tidying up tomorrow night including updating the first page posts and giving you your top 50 and shit.​
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  9. Acceptable eliminations.
  10. I love you for using those premium cdl performances.
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  11. Ahem.
    Say that again.
    Take this, you heathen.
    EXCUSE ME‽ I mean July 1st IS the best JPop summer song, but this is a stretch.
    See how great(ful) we are when we're in sync?

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  12. POWDER SNOW and Poker Face?! I liked it more when I received no notifications from this thread to be honest.
  13. You'll be back.
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  14. Of course I will. To drag you all when my 11 gets eliminated before the top 10.
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  15. My 11 better not be a flop in this rate. I'll hunt you down.

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  16. Powder Face!? It's all about the guitar solo at the end. I love the PCDL performance.

    Far Away AND Scar!? I love the sound effects, guitar solo and piano in Far Away. I feel there's so much to listen to in this track and I feel similar about Scar (again the PCDL performance is amazing). I love that they're next to each other on Duty.

    Except when they met on Music Station


    ^ Gawd, Googling that Lady Gaga article brought up photos of when Jedward met Ayu. I totally forgot that happened and don't think I'd seen the evidence before!
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  17. I knew in my heart of hearts it wasn't true but here is the proof DRAG ME
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  18. The more lit Party Queen booklet concept!
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  19. Haha I can't believe I did that, re-read my post and never noticed! Quick, someone do a Poker Face and Powder Snow mash up!
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  20. My friends, I will be working on more elims tonight after work.