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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aaronhansome, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. *cries*
  2. YOUR TOP 50:

    A Song for xx
    Depend on you

    Fly high
    And Then
    Boys & Girls
    TO BE
    End roll

    too late

    End of the World

    I am...
    still alone
    no more words
    Endless sorrow

    Real me
    Free & Easy
    everywhere nowhere
    July 1st

    Because of You
    HANABI ~episode II~
    No way to say
    Memorial address

    ever free
    theme of a-nation '03
  3. Man, what a fuckin' bunch of BOPS. What a discography tbh.
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  4. #50. NEVER EVER


    Average: 7.73

    Highest Score: @RUNAWAY & @evilsin
    Lowest Score: @GhettoPrincess

    @me's score: 9.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 6.5 (do you hate joy?)

    When putting together the top 50, it's wild how many songs I would have in a top ten in another artist's rate. With a few exceptions in there and possibly because the Japanese music industry's album release model is different from the West in that there are often far more singles before an album's release unless you're Dua Lipa, just the amount of hits in there are staggering.

    As we start breaking into them, the hits are gonna fall and this is one that I was surprised wasn't higher, but to be honest, I'm going to be saying that a lot. With its sledgehammer chorus and the fantastic guitar solo, this is an Ayumi Classic. I'd probably have had it as a 10 if the verses were a touch better but, still, a song. The key change at the end, whew.

    My commentary besties, evilsin and One Stop Candy Shop had this to say respectively. "A masterpiece. This wasn't as instant as some of her over songs, but Jesus it is so good now. Like a twisted rock lullaby. Beautiful," and "I liked this at first but got bored of it pretty quickly. Especially the live versions are a drag. Always that same 'prostitute on a chair' routine."

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  5. Never Ever is cute enough. I could have bumped my score up to a 7 but that would be the extent of it.
  6. The fuck‽
  7. We return to irregularly scheduled programming with another tie.

    #TIE! 48-A. AUDIENCE


    Average: 7.77

    Highest Score: @evilsin @lalaclairi_ @aaronhansome (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @GhettoPrincess @Eskiath (5.0)

    @aaronhansome's score: 10.0
    My score: 8.0

    'Audience' was written by Hamasaki, and produced by DAI and served as 'Duty's' fifth single. It peaked at #3 on the Oricon singles charts and is certified gold by RIAJ. I know this is somewhat of a classic but it's not to me, and it's not one of my favourites. In general though, I just don't think I like 'Duty' as an album as much as some others, even though it maintains a consistent level of quality. I literally forget it exists sometimes, oops.

    evilsin (10.0) is dancing and clapping along and just having a blast, "Such fun! Megabop if you will, because it certainly packs quite a punch. Always get me moving. I like the message as well - the sense of togetherness with her fans." One Stop Candy Shop (7.0) kind of feels the same way I do about this, "She has better songs like this."

    #48-B. End of the World


    Average: 7.77

    Highest Score: @evilsin (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @GhettoPrincess (5.0)

    @aaronhansome's score: 9.5
    My score: 6.5

    'End of the World' leaves next, with Ayu shedding light on her selfish thoughts and questioning whether she should even be thinking them. Questioning whether she's OK with herself for achieving success when there are people worse off than her. It's powerful really, and the honesty is both refreshing and confronting because don't we all compare ourselves at some point?

    GhettoPrincess (5.0) can't decide, "This is a bit good, a bit rubbish. I can’t make my mind up." One Stop Candy Shop (6.5) says, "Shouty chorus. Not a fave." evilsin (10.0) might need a blanket or something, "This is a weird one and it took me a while to get it, but goddamn it how powerful this is! That fucking moment before the last chorus! Ayu's like "[​IMG] WA[​IMG] KA[​IMG] RA[​IMG] NA[​IMG] I"!!! Fucking chills every time, man!"

  8. Oh dear. When will my low score reign end?
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  9. You get a break as low scorer soon.

    There are a couple of ties coming up, so I'm going to do another few reveals today to get us there, then reveal the ties tomorrow.

    Some of these write-ups will be difficult because I'll be losing my first 10s, and I only hand them out to songs I'm happy to see win. Any ideas?
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  10. Rates are hard to predict, so I'm not sure, but I do agree that Duty is a bit weaker album than everything else in Part 1.
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  11. As an album Duty is eh but if you guys tanked SEASONS I SWEAR no one will survive.
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  12. Duty is so good, y'all.
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  13. Oh yes, of course. I meant in the company of her other albums in this rate. I feel there's more cohesive options, especially on either side of the release (LOVEppears/I am...). The singles run though... whew. Sis did that.
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  14. What is going on? What is this Duty cull all of the sudden?
    B i n h c
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  15. Audience and End Of The World are in the bottom half of Duty for me, so... sayonara bitches.

    Looking at what's left, I can't really say what should go next. I'm guessing Depend On You won't survive much longer.
  16. Quite happy to see Audience go. It's the weak link on Duty and nowhere near DAI's best.

    End of The World, on the other hand, is a million times better than Audience and deserved to be Top 30. I love the angry guitar and that bass at the end. Such a good track!
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  17. Wrong opinion.
    Thank you.
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  18. #47. too late


    Average: 7.81

    Highest Score: @send photo (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @GhettoPrincess @junglefish (6.0)

    @aaronhansome's Score: 8.0
    My score: 6.5

    'too late' departs next and to these ears, is sonically similar to some of her other songs, but not as good. The song was produced by DAI with lyrics written by Hamasaki, who is singing about working too hard and living life too fast, to the detriment of everything else in your life. It's a bit of a cautionary tale really, one that she herself should heed. Sadly, with the continued deterioration of her hearing, it may indeed be too late.

    One Stop Candy Shop (7.0) loves, "those random organ notes in the verses." evilsin (8.0) on the other hand, "always liked the chorus in this one, the middle 8 is great as well."

    #46. ever free


    Average: 7.85

    Highest Score: @mi|kshake @Eskiath @RUNAWAY (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @ohnostalgia (5.0)

    @aaronhansome's score: (6.5)
    My score: (6.5)

    'ever free' was the B-side that featured on the 'vogue' single, which was the lead single from her album 'Duty'. It was used as the theme song for the Japanese TV series 'Tenki Yohou no Koibito' which aired in 2000.

    We start with Eskiath (10.0) who asks, "Why is this so beautiful!? Normally I don't think I would particularly enjoy a song where the first half was just instrumental but there's something so special about this." Agreed, listening back to it now, I feel like I was too harsh on it, and would happily give it a 7.5 now. One Stop Candy Shop (9.0) also appreciates the song's beauty, "This is so beautiful and would've been a lovely addition to Duty. Somewhere near the end of the album." evilsin (7.0) gives us a little insight into the meaning of the song, "Ooh, this one's not ordinary. I believe it's about parting with someone, perhaps the other person dying. Very sweet."

    I couldn't find the original version, but enjoy the stunning 'Acoustic Orchestra Version' that appears on Ayu's remix compilation 'ayu-mi-x III'. If you haven't already, I highly recommend listening to some of the orchestral / classical remixes of her songs. They're brilliantly done.

    #45. everywhere nowhere


    Average: 7.88

    Highest Score: @Weslicious @ohnostalgia (10.0)
    Lowest Score: ME (6.0)

    @aaronhansome's score: 8.0
    My score: 6.0

    The lyrical content of 'everywhere nowhere' applies to us now more than ever. In the song, Ayu provides an overall commentary on our modern consumerist culture not just in terms of products but information. We're bombarded with such masses of information that it becomes difficult to discern what is the truth and what isn't and she sings of travelling to the end of the rainbow to escape it all.

    I honestly don't know what I was thinking giving this a 6.0 score because I do enjoy this a lot. My only reasoning would be that it's sandwiched between 'HANABI' and 'July 1st', both of which I love.

    evilsin (8.0) says, "Mmm yeah, I have a soft spot for this one for some reason. Really nice." One Stop Candy Shop (8.0) compares this to one of my favourite Ayu songs, "It's in the same vein as July 1st and independent, and it's also just as good as those two. Lovely summery anthem."

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  19. Sequencing matters so much I think. Maybe next time I'd rate on shuffle a bit more. Let some of the lessers get some air.
  20. After going through The Wonder Girls discography last weekend, I think I'm going to start employing this method of rating. It'll at least help limit the perceived samey-ness that songs on some albums can have.
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