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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aaronhansome, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Everywhere Nowhere>>>>>>Most of her other summery sounding songs

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  2. Yay! More eliminations!
    *loses two 8s*
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  3. Ever Free!? WTF!? That should have been Top 10! How can such a beautiful song have a lowly, average score of 7.85? It should have averaged a 9!
  4. #42 (TIE). no more words


    Average: 7.96

    Highest Score: @lalaclairi_ @GhettoPrincess (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @junglefish (5.5)

    @aaronhansome's Score: 6.5
    My score: 7.0

    Looking at the average, I'd say this is about the right time for 'no more words' to be eliminated. The song was written by Hamasaki, with production by DAI and Hamasaki (credited as CREA). The song sounds absolutely gorgeous, but I can't for the life of me understand what those lyrics mean because I've had a couple of champagnes, but let's blame it on the translation I'm reading. My understanding is that she's celebrating the beauty in imperfection, and she'd prefer to live a humble existence as a regular person. The translation I'm reading is calling us regular people "losers", which is throwing me off. Any native Japanese speakers around here care to elaborate?

    One Stop Candy Shop (6.0) won't be too phased that this is leaving, "Not bad at all, but it pales compared to the other ballads of the album." evilsin (8.0) says, "What a great intro. Very pleasant, perfect for closing the tours." This is Lalaclairi_'s fourth 10.0 to be eliminated, "I've listened to I am... before, but for some reason no more words is hitting me right now. This is a great discovery."

    #42 (TIE). Fly high


    Average: 7.96

    Highest Score: @RUNAWAY @aaronhansome (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @mi|kshake (5.0)

    @aaronhansome's score: 10.0
    My score: 9.0

    'Fly high' was written by Hamasaki and produced by DAI and served as the third and final single from her second album 'LOVEppears'. Avex released the single on February 9, 2000, peaking at #3 on the Oricon singles chart. A remix produced by HΛL was sent to radio and featured in the official music video, in which Ayu observes herself performing on stage in a nightclub. The meaning of the music video and the song are to work towards your dreams, because complacency is comfortable but you miss opportunities by not trying.

    Truth be told, I hate the HΛL remix and much prefer the album mix. It's such a fantastic dance song, and the guitar flourishes are a nice touch. I also love the lyrics and Ayu's delivery as she switches up the melody / flow of her delivery.

    This song received no negative commentary, and one of you in particular had a lot to say, so let's get into it. evilsin (9.0) shows some love to the opening interlude of 'LOVEppears', "We're not scoring the interludes, but goodness gracious, how good Introduction is followed by Fly High's chorus? The track in question is quite brilliant on its own as well." RUNAWAY (10.0) hears God, "this song is one of those many examples of PERFECTION in Ayu’s discography."

    One Stop Candy Shop
    (9.5) shares, "Anecdote time: This was the first Ayu song I ever heard and I didn't even know it was Ayu. It was 2003~2004 and I used Limewire/Bearshare to download 'J-pop'. Mainly to get the theme song from Gundam Wing (performed by the great band Two-Mix). So I ended up with a bunch of songs of by Two-Mix, plus some random other J-pop songs of which I knew the title, but not the artist. Fly high and Trust were the two Ayu songs I had on a homemade compilation for years. Another 5 or 6 years later I finally discovered who she was. From then on I was hooked. Fly high is still such an exhilarating bop. It works especially well after the build up from the introduction of the album. And the dance moves are easy and fun!!"

    #42 (TIE). Depend on you


    Average: 7.96

    Highest Score: @evilsin @junglefish @GhettoPrincess @RUNAWAY @ThisIsRogue (10.0)
    Lowest Score: @ohnostalgia (4.5)

    @aaronhansome's score: 8.5
    My score: 10.0

    I'm devastated y'all, this is my first 10.0 to be eliminated and while it received the most 10.0s of the songs in this tie, it also received the lowest low score of 4.5. 'Depend on you' is Ayu's fifth single from her debut album. It was released on December 9, 1998 and debuted at #9, eventually peaking at #6 on the weekly Oricon singles chart. The song was remixed with new vocals from Ayu, and was a B-side on her 44th single 'Mirrorcle World' to commemorate her 10th anniversary. In 'Depend on you', Ayu is assuring her companion that while she depends on them, she will always be there to provide support and care.

    One Stop Candy Shop (7.0) thinks it's "Good enough." GhettoPrincess (10.0) has to adjust her wig, "A bop! Maybe I’m being a bit generous with my score here but it’s the first song in which the vocals and production sound on point at the same time." evilsin (10.0) says, "Another classic. The guitar riffs here are quite nice, aren't they?" RUNAWAY's (10.0) preference is not for the original mix, "love this song so much, but I have to say I prefer the A BEST version. The 10th Anniversary version is also good."

    Her vocal decline is REAL when you watch this video and compare it to live performances from early in her career.​
  5. That's classic cryptic Ayu, sometimes you feel like you got the meaning, but then again, we'll never know. My take is that she says, if you split people into winners and losers, she would want to be a losers, because sad people are more beautiful? Maybe she means that it's okay to be sad? I don't know.

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  6. I can't believe that Fly High and Depend On You are already gone. Classic Ayu tracks... ugh.
    I'm honestly dreading the second part of the rate because I know a bunch of crap is going to get better averages than some of her most classic songs in Part 1.
  7. No More Words is such an underrated song so it's nice to see it come this far

    Fly High on the other hand I could never get into. It's just too, I dunno, Eurobeat or HiNRG? Introduction does segue brilliantly into it however. So, pleasantly surprised to see it leave outside the Top 40.
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  8. The next reveal is another tie and another classic will be leaving us.
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  9. [​IMG]
    I’d like to leave. I’d love to leave.
  10. Honestly, the fact that Fly high is out this early is...insane.
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  11. This is one song that deserves to have the votes rigged. 42 is CRIMINAL.
  12. heeeeeeeere we go.

    TIE! #38-A: still alone


    Average: 8.00

    Highest Scores: @Eskiath (11) @evilsin (10)
    Lowest Scores: @GhettoPrincess & @ThisIsRogue (6)

    @me's score: 8.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: you been knew it's a 6

    Alright so first off get ready cause this is a four-way fucking tie here. This is a reason that I Am... is so stellar. You have incredible singles and album tracks like this that honestly could be a single. The chorus is pure drama and the key change...whew wig. The second half of the song is relentless and the wind down is honestly needed. The way the production builds is also a treat, done by CMJK. Also, I note that I enjoy doing the background harmony vocals on this? I'm just now noticing.

    I don't have much else to say here as I'm about to lose three fucking 10s so I'm handing this over to y'all.

    evilsin starts us off with "This song is soaked in sadness and you can feel it in every single part of it be it vocals or music. And that astonishing key change at the end. Sad wig." Indeed, sad wig. One Stop Candy Shop points out an anomaly with "This stands out as the one I am... track she never performs. Don't know why, it's pretty good."

    And now, over to our 11, Eskiath.

    "I love this song so much and listen to it whenever I'm sad, it's amazingly dramatic. I also get really excited whenever a new Ayu concert starts in the hopes that she's finally performed this live."

    TIE! 38-B: Boys & Girls


    Average: 8.00

    Highest Scores: @ME, @ThisIsRogue, and @junglefish (fucking 10s)
    Lowest Scores: @Eskiath & @lalaclairi_ (5s the heathens)

    y'all done saw that we're the 10-ers here

    What even people? Lyrics from her and composed by the main man, Dai Nagao (who I mean, seriously, if you've never checked out Do As Infinity, his music there is fantastic too and is far and away different from his work with Ayu), this is a Grade A B O P. Catchy as hell chorus, the bouncy verses, the wild guitar that permeates a lot of her music. The fucking orchestral hits that come right before the chorus. Just knocks ya on ya ASS I tells ya.

    evilsin tells us "In the same vein as Trauma, performance wise. Add a simple dance and you got yourself a hit for ages," which yep. One Stop Candy Shop bemoans "Her first single to sell over a million copies. For me, this is not very interesting, it's just 'what you see is what you get'. It's enjoyable, but I don't think it's good enough to be performed at EVERY SINGLE SHOW she does." I get it, and yeah, there's not much there outside of 'IT BOPS!!!!' but ohhhh does it bop.

    Eskiath can earn losing his 11 here with "Fuck this song at every concert." Fuck you at every conc---WAIT. LET ME NOT FINISH THAT SENTENCE.

    TIE! 38-C: SEASONS


    Average: 8.00

    Highest Scores: @fucking me, @send photo, @RUNAWAY (10)
    Lowest Scores: @Eskiath (5)

    @me y'all already seen
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 8.5

    A beautifully classic Ayu ballad. Poignant lyrics, a stunning melody and a classic Jpop arrangement. Honestly, I know that we are stuffed for great material here but this is rough.

    "Today was very sad,
    and even if I cry tomorrow,
    someday the time will come that I can laugh
    and remember the time we had together."

    As I find out whether or not some old-ass fucker (-ostrich laugh-) wants to keep me in his life (it's not my dad that opportunity passed y'all), I relate to these lyrics. You just have fucking days and it's hard to keep perspective and see outside of the moment you're in. This is a special song, I think, and maybe it should have been a bit higher. Even over a favourite I have that I'm about to eliminate.

    evilsin says "Arguably the most well-known hit of hers. I like the piano and the melodies, but even if we judge by the ballads, it's not her best for me." Understandable, she's got a shit ton of great ballads. One Stop Candy_Shop.mp3 tells us "It's one of her most popular songs (I think it's #1 on Spotify), but it's not very exciting, isn't it? It's just okay for me, but shoutout to those excellent chord changes in the verses. "

    TIE! 38-D: independent


    Average: 8.00

    Highest Scores: @m.e. and @RUNAWAY (10sssss)
    Lowest Score: @GhettoPrincess (5)

    @me y'all know
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 7

    I have such affection for this song and +. I've already mentioned I made a long as hell AMV using only FFX-2 cutscenes with it, but I used to also use it to time how long it'd take for me to get somewhere between classes in high school, see how long I could get through the whole thing. The way the guitar solo announces itself, honestly, Ayu uses the guitar the best of the Jpop girls. It's such a joyous song and helped keep me in such a chipper mood when I was younger.

    evilsin tells us "Such joyous bubbly track! Very fun chorus as well, love the choppy delivery in it," while The Candy Shop that only requires One Stop says "a.k.a. the clap clap song. The song just screams summer. That's all I can say about it really." I get that ya don't need to say more, but ya know, it's still good y'all.

    I may do some more after this but I'm about to go into a showing of The Murder on the Problematic Express so, see y'all in a while.

  13. This rate is fucking cancelled. Y'all probably voted M to the top with that disastrous taste.
  14. I knew it was Boys & Girls’ time as soon as I read that another classic was leaving, so it doesn’t hurt as much as it should. It’s still DISGUSTING though and everyone who gave it less than an 8 should burn in Hell.

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  15. Oh no, not my baby "still alone" leaving already. I'm really scared for my 11 now. Still 38 tracks that have 8+ average is something! Hikki had only 2 more in her rate.
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  16. I have some time after an exam so...

    37. UNITE!

    Average: 8.08

    Highest Scores: @RUNAWAY & @Weslicious
    Lowest Scores: @GhettoPrincess

    @me's score: 9.5
    @ThisIsRogue's score: 7.5

    I feel like this is a concert staple but I've not watched a lot of recent Ayu concerts so I AM OUT OF THE LOOP HERE but issa bop. Written and composed by herself, UNITE! is very much an Ayumi Hamasaki rock-pop banger. Doing this rate I'd never noticed how solidified her style was by this point but man, it feels like she has a good few of these types of songs. Good thing as they definitely feel like hers but man, starting to notice it.

    Only a few sparse comments on it from evilsin, "Another crowd pleaser. I adore the song and the melodies, just like the majority of Ayu's songs. Great middle 8, cool ending and a cute dance to boot," One Stop Candy Shop "One of my least favourite Ayu singles. There's this shrill noise in the music throughout the song that makes it a unpleasant to listen to." I believe that is called her voice KIDDING KIDDING and then Eskiath "I struggle to remember how this goes and always mix it up with evolution. It's way better live."

  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Re-reading this page I forgot about the Boys & Girls/Seasons/Independent shocker! Whilst none of these songs are my favourites of hers, I assumed they would be Top 20!

    Unite does have a good overall score but surprised to see it out this soon! I love the way the intro builds and then it goes off!
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  19. Is this dead again?