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Azealia Banks - Fantasea II: The Second Wave

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. I kept wondering why the cover looked so familiar, even though I had only just seen it and realized she got this fan to do it nn

    It is good, though. I guess consistency shouldn’t be an issue.
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  2. Not really crazy about the cover art, looks a little fan made but that makes sense seeing as it was.

    Harvey was working on Anna Wintour last night, presuming he was overseeing mixing and mastering.
  3. So is Mel B on this or not
  4. I'M GASPING FOR BREATH and she's oxygen.
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  5. No.
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  6. Well I mean, any reason why or is it just a case of

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  7. She should just get Shanice to be on the single.
  8. Mel’s abusive ex
  9. I've read that Mel B is a very difficult person herself, I feel like maybe this is for the best.
  10. This looks kinda cheap, but it'll do.
  11. Courtzealia was back yesterday.
    Dddddd and she'll be back in court again April 3rd.
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  12. jj_


    “the Escapades star”
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  13. 'You should condition your hair' SCREAMING
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  15. I'm on the floor at "the Escapades star"
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  16. "You should condition your hair" is KILLING me. I love that her creativity extends to her insults.
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  17. Her expression in this...
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  18. I laughed at it for a good 15 minutes when I first saw it
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  19. It’s giving me

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