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B*Witched - Love and Money (Comeback Single)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by FanofFans, May 4, 2013.

  1. Lindsay deserves every bit of happiness.
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  2. The girls are in the studio!

  3. Oh wow, the girls are switching on the Christmas lights in Hamilton on the 25th. Guess I know where I'll be that day!
  4. Blame it on the Weatherman is still so stunning.

    I have such fond memories as I left high school around the time of its release.
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  5. Their cover of Coming Around Again always gets me
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  6. Sounds like a typical night out at G-A-Y.
  7. Edele was at the Christmas lights switch on in my hometown which happened virtually outside my flat. Weird hearing her do 'Jesse Hold On' (of all the B*Witched songs) in my street rather than an arena!
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  8. I didn't even know Keavy was pregnant, Congrats to her. Can't wait to hear the new album and what they got cooking up
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  9. Is there more music on this earth that sounds like "Let's Go (The B*Witched Jig)"? I really need more Irish Drum n Bass in my life.