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Bananarama - General Discussion / Reunion Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Now I am excited...... see my above post last week. Queen Siobhan is coming back.....or as an outside bet Dame Jacquie O
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  2. Yes, it's certainly beginning to look that way, isn't it? It's was the first thought in my head looking at that 80s logo and the old motifs on the one-arm bandit. I'm about to split my banana, here.

    Practically, it does mean when touring they can only perform material from albums 1-4, and none of the PJ-favourites like LT&H, Preacher Man, etc. I just can't see Siobhan singing Jacquie's bits, can you? Unless Jacquie is doing an encore...
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  3. What exactly are Jacquie's bits though???
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  4. She is the most prominent vocal on all their stuff from 88-91
  5. She's back. The She-Devil is back!! The official Bananarama account just liked my tweet, which said "What's better than two bananas? THREE!".
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  6. They don't perform that stuff now anyway which is a shame!!!! But at least I Want You Back & Nathan Jones could still be part of the set having featured on WOW! originally
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  7. Their setlist will be:

    I Can't Help It
    Love in the First Degree
    I Heard a Rumour
    Na Na Na Na Na
    Cruel Summer
    Robert DeNiro

    With or without Shiv.
  8. IMG_1724.JPG
    Honestly I'm getting all emotional. Sara, Keren and Siobhan back where they belong!
  9. I sniff a Peter Lorraine managed reunion package, which is basically what he just did for Steps, but for Bananarama. I bet we have an announcement, a new song and an album pre-order, which will have a signed CD option and a limited edition banana-yellow vinyl LP via Music Glue. The weird Greatest Hits Collection being re-promoted via iTunes/Spotify kind've makes sense now, too...

    As for live set list options, with Siobhan on board it will be early 80s heavy... Really Saying Something for sure. Siobhan even performed that as the encore to her last tour as Shakespear's Sister. I hope they open with Venus, and not do it as the encore. I'd like a surprise ending! But not Waterloo.
  10. If the 'rama release a new album half as good as Tears On The Dancefloor I will be over the moon!
  11. Aie A Mwana for an encore please!
  12. Will we get a sit down interview where they pretend they haven't seen each other in 20 years and there is "tension" and "things to be said"?

    It was a pepperoni pizza

    No it was Hawaiian and it WAS YOURS

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  13. If Siobhan's there, you wont get that. I'll take a cut-n-shut of Sacred Heart/Pop Life, though.
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  14. I heard she was rejoining through someone at Fascination, so I'm assuming this is what's happening!
  15. OMG! Vintage t-shirt reprints! Finances on lock-down for tickets, merch and ANYTHING. Don't spend any money people.
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  16. Peter Lorraine is making all my dreams come true! All Saints, Steps and now this!
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  17. I can't process this. I can't imagine how they'll look... you just know the first professional photos of them together in 2017 are going to be amazing. I'm actually eating a banana right now.
  18. Imagine they announced it was Jacquie returning.
  19. And how will they sound?!?
    They've got a couple of retro gigs this summer, I wonder if they'll cancel those or will Siobhan be up for that as well? The mind boggles!
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  20. Fuck. Me.

    Am literally shaking.