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Bananarama - General Discussion / Reunion Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. All four of them together would be amazing but only in our wildest dreams….. The original line-up would surely make some headlines?
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  2. Amazing news! THE girl group of the 80's and beyond, all finally back together.
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  3. [​IMG]

    ...remember this as if it was yesterday!
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  4. "dance" "routines"

    You gotta love Smash Hits.
  5. Thanks for this, piece of pop history!
  6. I can't stop watching the teaser.
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  7. It's amazing!
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    I have this tattooed on my brain.
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  9. FOr some reason I can't watch teasers on twitter. Is it on youtube or anywhere else?
  10. So excited!

    I thought Siobhan had retired.....what better than to go full circle back to her pop roots!

    Plus vocally the new album will sound better with 3 vocals!
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  11. And maybe Siobhan will also finally get to do a Bananarama tour that she missed out on the first time!
  12. I'm so happy at the prospect of new music from the actual Bananarama. Exciting stuff!
  13. True, but props to Keren and Sara for being so persistent and kept on truckin! If not, this reunion probably wouldn't be happening.

    If it is not true.....then what they posted on twitter is very cruel to fans, they wouldn't do that I hope. Plus they have been posting a lot more pictures with Siobhan recently.
  14. ...and now I'm back in this thread!
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  15. I don't know what to make of this rumour, but if it comes to fruition, I'll flip the fuck out! I'm cautiously screaming inside! The Steps triumph gives me faith in Peter Lorraine and Fascination, but Bananarama was with them before (without Shuv). Hoping we get a Reunion -style reformation.
  16. I think that Keren could definitely take care of Jaqcuie O-the Cavewoman's bits, and if not, Siobhan claims she can "sing surprisingly high" (when she wants to). I hope that they wouldn't relegate themselves to pre-1988 year material.
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  17. I have this clipping somewhere in my house!
  18. What if Alice were joining Bananarama?

    Bananarama Juniors?

  19. Guys, this is why MKS gave up!
    The original and best all girl band are back.
    I'm going to lose my shit if I get to see them perform live together.
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  20. April 1982 Bananarama score their first UK hit as lead artists reaching the top 5 of the UK chart with Really Saying Something. #35Years #Reunion
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