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Bebe Rexha - Expectations (Album!)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. I'm not liking The Way I Are. It's disappointing after every song on Part 1 being solid.
  2. Well Bebe Kardashian wasn't the best of signs.
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  3. She couldn't possibly come up with a worse song. It's atrocious.
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  4. Are A&R really that out of ideas? Poor Whitney's legacy. This is some weird kind of Whitney tribute meets Are You That Somebody with the same chord progression as Stand By Me? Everything but the kitchen sink. Kinda like Camila's single.
  5. If you have a song that is as lackluster as this one, it doesn't seem like a good idea to reference a beloved and enduring song that was performed by a much better singer.
  6. This makes No Broken Hearts flopping even sadder. WHAT A SONG.
  7. I think she's the uncredited feature on this song?

  8. Crazy how that song is such a massive bop, has crazy YouTube streams and.....yeah.
  9. RMK


    Sounds like a bop with a beat. They need to get rid of 'Dance With Somebody' stat.
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  10. The new song ain't nothing next to I Got You which reminds amazing to my ears, hopefully the rest is better, Pt.1 left high hopes
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  11. Oh this sounds good. Hopefully she manages to get it out some time in the next century.
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  12. Sounds like a bop that could do great as Camila Cabello's second single, give it to her Bebe
  13. RMK


    She's going to get dropped.
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  14. Bebe Rexords
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  15. Rob


    Unpopular opinion but I love The Way I Are.
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  16. Poor Bebe, so talented, gorgeous and yet in flopstar limbo thanks to a shitty record company. She only needs the right push to make it.
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  17. The music took a huge dip in quality a while ago so it's not shocking.
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  18. RMK


    Were you not a fan of part 1? I think 'The Way I Are' is a new low.
  19. Everything she's released lately just sounds about three years late and the quality isn't high enough to make up for it.
  20. Being completely honest, Bebe's music is never particularly strong and she's always been behind the times in terms of sound and style. I disliked her early pseudo-emo leanings, but the reality is that that's the most personality she's ever shown. Her current incarnation couldn't possibly be more unoriginal.
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