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Beyoncé - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Moments, yes, but not much more although Dangerously was a solid debut and off its time. If heard 1000 worse R'n'B albums from that period.

    You're right with high standards. Sasha Fierce was that one time she actively ignored them and took a big shit on it. Some bops but also much forgettable trash. Although yes if I think about it you could have made a very strong 10 track affair out of it which would feature two anthems of our time - Halo and Single Ladies no matter how much we hate them maybe - and that's also more than what can be said about many albums.The quality control was just a bit shit so much more ended up on the album than what was good for it.
  2. Sasha was a very consciously made album - it did exactly what it set out to do, and I think it's all...quality, actually. I just never want to listen to it or think any of it is that great. One or two of the ballads... Sweet Dreams, Single Ladies and Diva by sheer exposure I still bop a bit etc.
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  3. I Am… Sasha Fierce receives a lot of flack, but it's not that bad. I live for the sheer corniness of songs like Broken-Hearted Girl. Also, Disappear is one of Beyoncé's all-time greatest moments. Her other albums have definitely aged better though. 2003 me was pissed at Dangerously in Love not being Crazy in Love x12, but I eventually realized that it's an amazing debut.
  4. I have one question, will she deliver the exact set again next weekend, with DC et all? Weekend one really is the weekend to go, isn't it? For the surprise elements alone.
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  5. I Am… Sasha Fierce is AMAZING. She got to have No 1s, some classics, some deep cuts, got to taste lots of new venues for her, also ROCKIN MY STUNNA SHADES and tour the world for the first time as a mega star. Yes some filler but who cares.

    I Am… Sasha Fierce is AMAZING.
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  6. IASF is definitely her weakest album overall. But something so overly-commercial was exactly what she needed at the time to cement her place among the elite, after the success of Deja Vu/Irreplaceable/Beautiful Liar, so you gotta be grateful for it playing a huge part in getting her to where she is today. Also, Broken Hearted Girl and Sweet Dreams were among her career highs until S/T came along and I won't hear it said otherwise. Also, Ave Maria is one of her very best vocal performances in all six LPs.

    S/T > B'Day > Lemonade > 4 > DIL > IASF. But they'd all be career-best albums for most artists, let's be real.
  7. Does anybody know where I can watch the performance as I wasn't able to watch it live?
  8. 'Scared of Lonely' is one of her career best tracks and that's that on that.
  9. And Hello
  10. Radio was my pick from the filler tracks on Sasha for a while. I BE ON THA HATLINE LIKE ERRYDAY was my mate's ringtone for years.

    *baby dodo vogues whenever his friend gets a call from his parents*
  11. Beyonce might never by my personal #1, but there's literally no question as to whether any current act can come near her level of performance ability. She's just in a whole other universe. Her Coachella set was incredible; meticulously planned, perfectly executed. I live for her not being ashamed of celebrating her Destiny's Child days (get that spotlight, Michelle), and she's one of the rare acts where her discography has gotten better over time: Lemonade & Beyonce are (to me) leagues above anything she released before. It blows my mind how much goes into literally every step she takes on stage, and it pays off to massive effect. The fact that she could turn a festival set, with no new music, into headline news and a must-watch event is a testament to what she means to the music industry today.

    Admittedly there was a time where I felt like the Beyonce hype was annoying as fuck and a bit overdone, but kudos to her for consistently proving me wrong.
  12. I do miss her interviews though. I know she's elevated herself as this untouchable icon but I do miss listening to her talking about her songs, or the recording process.

    I would also love to hear her speaking out about her thoughts on race, politics, etc. I know she's 'vocal' about them through her music, videos and Instagram posts but I would love to see her talking about them on a interview setting.
  13. I’d love her on Graham tbh.
  14. Sasha Feirce should have been:

    1. Hello
    2. Scared Of Lonely
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. Single Ladies
    5. Ego
    6. Disappear
    7. Diva
    8. Radio
    9. Ave Maria
    10. Halo

    Maybe not in that order. And then the only thing we could truly slag it for was being a Solid piece of commercial RnB meets Pop
  15. Irreplaceable still knocks.
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  16. Destiny’s child or not I can guarantee she probably won’t be wearing that army Balmain number again after it nearly bailing on her a few times and the thigh highs dropping down.

    Seriously I wonder what would replace the Destiny’s Child section?
  17. Perfect feat. Ed Sheeran.
  18. Sasha Fierce is her worst album but it's still pretty solid. I'd probably put Diva in my Beyonce top 10 honestly.
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  19. No tea no shade to Self titled and Lemonade but B'Day is still my favourite Beyoncé album. Nonsensical lyrics, over singing and sissy beats? Yas
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  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I've seen the Destiny's Child bit via Facebook, haven't had time to watch anything else yet but just wanted to pop in and join the chorus of people praising her willingness to mix forgotten deep cuts in with some of her biggest hits but also having the conviction to not pander and play the best selling hits for the sake of it, it makes for an exciting viewing, wondering what she's going to wheel out next. It's nice that the three of them have reunited now for special occasions to keep the legacy going, and shows that they've maintained good relations between them.