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Beyoncé - Lemonade

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, Sep 29, 2015.

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    In an exclusive interview for Hits Daily, CEO of Columbia Records Rob Stringer says new Beyonce album is looking for a late 2015 or early 2016 release.

    With Adele and 1D in the wings, Stringer’s Columbia is shaping up to have another huge Q4. Stringer’s label could hit the trifecta if it gets a Beyoncé album in time for a 2015 release, although early 2016 remains a possibility. The new Naughty Boy single on Capitol featuring Beyoncé will be on her upcoming album.

    Clean Bandit Studio Time With Beyoncé

    “I got a lot of records coming out soon… with […] Beyoncé” - Mike Will Made It

    Sia Has Been Making Music with Beyoncé and FKA twigs

    Future confirms working on new music with Beyonce

    Swae Lee (from Rae Sremmurd) writing new stuff for Beyonce.

    Producer Deputy (Bitch Better Have My Money) confirms he worked with Beyonce. Further says that he recorded song, sent it to Bey' and "she liked it."

    Beyonce shares studio snaps on Instagram.

    Beyonce in the studio with D.R.A.M.
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  2. I've heard it and its awful.
  3. I'm worried she'll revert back to being beysic.
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  4. The basis of this thread is thinner than a Selena acoustic set.
  5. Gimme some time. I'm perfecting it.
  6. First single has dropped!

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  7. It's a duet album with Adele.
  8. I preferred Demo #4.
  9. Beyonce would never let her true age get out though.
  10. K94


    It's '12 Roses (feat. Miguel)' all over again.
  11. Swae Lee, Future, Deputy, Mike Will and D.R.A.M.? I will laugh if 7/11 ends up actually being indicative of her direction for this.

    Anyway, I'm ready for Beyonce and Nicki's "What A Time To Be Alive" aka 70% Beyonce with 30% Nicki verses over icy industrial beats and ballads where she sounds submerged.
  12. Interview: Show-Stealers Clean Bandit On Their Diverse Sound & Studio Time With Beyoncé

    You mentioned that Drake and Beyoncé are on your collaborations wish list. Has there been any progress?
    JP: We’ve been in the studio with Beyoncé, but not Drake.

    What is it like being in the studio with The Queen?
    JP: It was insane. Nothing happened in terms of I don’t know if there is going to be anything concrete in terms of music, unfortunately. But yeah, it freaked me out.
    GC: Yeah, I wasn’t there, but Jack phoned me afterwards and said, ‘oh, I was jamming away on the piano and she was singing.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, sounds amazing.’

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  13. Loreen became world famous overnight when she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. This fall, she will return with new material - including the one song Beyoncé has shown interest.
    Beyoncé has shown interest in the song but I could not, I keep it too close to my heart, says Loreen. The song is written together with the artist Kiesza, who has the same record label as Beyoncé.

    SOURCE: | TRANSLATION: Google Translate
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  14. You're not really fighting your case for opening this thread with these articles about Beyoncé not having songs, PasteIt.
  15. When will your fave turn down a Kiesza co-write?
  16. RJF


    Y'all do too much. The Lady Gaga thread was opened on even less.
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  17. I find them useful since they may show us the potential direction she may be heading in. I think they belong here. But thanks for your advice.
  18. I'm actually very curious as to what direction Beyoncé will be going in, that hum in the air of her return buzzing louder with each passing day. I want her to remain regal but keep it on the cutting edge. I still hear songs from BEYONCÉ on the radio amidst the all the latest shit and none of them feel dated or old hat. Her next album doesn't have to top the last but one hopes she stays a few steps ahead of everyone.
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  19. Save this album for 2016.