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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beyoncésweave, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Well, now this fucks me up.
  2. A&E


    "What, may I ask, is your contribution to New Zealand?"

    Now we're at the halfway mark, I just wanted to say a little thanks for being on board so far, my hunties. Thank you, if you've been there since the start; if you dropped out after realising you were going to flop (@RJF kii); or if you've been dipping in and out as your time and/or sobriety permits you. (Also thanks in advance if you decide to start with this round!). I had really expected the numbers to plummet drastically, especially after the Christmas break, but they've stabilised nicely in the 50s which is far more than what I was expecting.

    Unsurprisingly, this takes up a lot of time and effort (and mental wellbeing) but it genuinely does make it worth it seeing you participate and taking part in the kiing and messeries and generally going through the various stages of despair. It's all a bit of silly fun, so thanks for being on board, mwah x


    Try to remember these kind words for the remaining rounds because... well, you'll see.
  4. Scream! Well you are a round winner. That stays a fact no matter what.

    Also, I clearly misunderstood the question with 'appropiating culture by white people'. I thought it mentioned something like idolate/prioritise hence my answer 'western'. Personal note to use a dictionairy ddd
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  5. 1. Lorde
    2. Lorde
    3. Lorde
    4. Lorde
    5. Lorde
    6. Lorde
    7. Lorde
    8. Lorde
    9. Lorde
    10. Lorde
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  6. Lightning Round confirmed

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  7. Nah, she's hosted enough rounds now to realize the special kind of hell that would be.
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  8. Footballer's Wives round please.
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  9. @beyoncésweave hehe
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  10. And thank you to you for running it, it's been great fun.

    Although it'd be a lot more fun if you could fix the results so I stop fucking flopping

  11. [​IMG]
  12. Me, happy with okay-ish results.

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  13. RJF


    Ddd @beyoncésweave ha mid-game fatigue of coming too far to quit but being so far away from the end. There's a reason why most people only run one season...
  14. You could try casting a reanimation spell on @Mr Telephone Man.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Less than 24 HOURS remain until Round 6 closes

    Oh, and I strongly advise you to be present for the results telecast

  17. me before this round: i got this shit

    me after: [​IMG]
  18. Oh fack I need to do this.
  19. LTG


    I’m thankful I went on that recon mission in 2016.
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